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Grey's Anatomy

S2 Ep 6: Into You Like a Train (Recap)

Screened Monday 13 March at 9.30pm

Meredith still waits for Derek at the bar with Cristina, George and Izzie. All their beepers go off as massive train wreck comes on the news. They go to work as the train crash victims arrive. Derek turns up to the bar but no one is there.

There are lots of victims. Meredith is drunk and Izzie helps Addison with a burnt pregnant woman. A paramedic comes in with someone's leg, Cristina takes it. A man and woman come in with a pole penetrating through both their torsos.

Miranda tells Alex that he can suture because of his new-found fear of scalpels and tells Meredith to sober up.

Addison and Izzie work on the burnt pregnant woman who needs a caesarean section. She wants a lawyer to make a will because there is no father. Alex is doing stitches on a patient who's noisy sister tells him he doesn't look old enough to be a doctor.

Izzie helps Meredith and supports her dislike of Addison. Cristina works with Richard on the patient with the missing leg. She realises she has the wrong leg for him as he already has a left one. She goes in search for the right leg.

Derek inspects the x-ray of the patients with the pole joining their bodies. There is no way to operate without separating them and if they move the pole they will both bleed out. Whoever they move will die.

Cristina looks for the right leg. Alex deals with a pregnant patient. She asks after the burnt pregnant woman and runs up to see her. George gives Meredith a blood-alcohol test. He says Derek is crazy if he doesn't pick her. Addison tells Alex off for letting his pregnant woman walk up to see hers. Izzie stands up for him. Derek runs tests on the pole patients and Cristina brings another leg to Richard but it's still the wrong one.

Derek says the man on the pole has better odds than the woman. Alex won't let his first patient leave, her sister calls him useless. Meredith tells Alex he's lost his mojo.

Derek tells the woman that in order to operate on the man, she will die. The man refuses but Burke says his injuries are less extensive. They tell her that the longer she waits for her fiancé to come, the more they risk infection. She agrees to go ahead with the operation.

Izzie and Addison work on the burnt pregnant woman. A notary arrivies. The other pregnant woman, her best friend, signs the custody papers because their babies are from the same sperm donor. The best friend's waters break.

The noisy sister of Alex's patient collapses. She had internal bleeding and dies as Alex works on her. The burn victim tells Izzie to stay with her friend in labour. Alex is upset, outside a paramedic gives him the leg Cristina has been looking for. He goes into the surgery instead of her. Cristina is not impressed.

The woman on the pole asks Derek to talk to her fiancé when he comes. Meredith asks to scrub in. Derek explains that he went to the bar but Addison is his wife. The patients are separated off the pole.

Izzie helps with the birth while Addison gives her patient a c-section. The man, now off the pole, starts to bleed out so all the doctors abandon the woman to help him. Meredith screams that they can't just leave her but they ignore her. Miranda pronounces her dead.

Both Addison's and Izzie's deliveries go well. Addison asks whether Izzie has decided to hate her yet. She says that Izzie shows a gift with her speciality and she has a lot to teach her if she wants to learn.

Derek talks to the dead woman's fiancé, telling him that she said that if love were enough, that she'd still be here with him. The amputee's leg is back on and Alex has his confidence back. In the lift, Derek starts to cry next to Miranda. She stops the lift and lets him get it out before continuing on.

In the locker room the interns are exhausted and Miranda calls them to rounds. Outside, Addison leaves arm in arm with Derek.