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Grey's Anatomy

S2 Ep 4: Deny Deny Deny (Recap)

Screened Monday 27 February at 9.30pm

At the bar, Izzie gives Alex the glad-eye. She joins Meredith and George to discuss Cristina's lack of emotion after her surgery. Derek tells Miranda that Meredith and Addison kissed them on the same day. Miranda doesn't care.

A patient, Copana, has the staff in the palm of her hands with her stories. She has been passing out and having palpitations and has a history of illness. Cristina butts in, still in hospital gown, Miranda makes her leave. Cristina says she is ready to go back to work but Miranda disagrees.

Rounds continue to Alice Grey, who sends Meredith out of the room. Derek tells Meredith that Addison is leaving as there is no reason for her to be there. Addison gives him divorce papers saying if he signs them she will too and leave.

Cristina works on her own chart. Burke enters and says he had a right to know about the baby. Cristina's mother comes in and interrupts.

Izzie awkwardly tries to ask Alex out but he ends up asking her. Jeremiah, a chronically ill patient, and one of Miranda's first as an intern, is back. Alex takes on a case of a gunshot wound to the head. The inflicted man sits calmly in the waiting room.

Cristina's mother tells her about redecorating the house. She asks who the father was and Cristina asks her to leave. The man with the gunshot wound claims he accidentally shot himself.

Cristina is once again sent back to bed. Alice is doing fake paperwork. She now thinks George is her intern and bosses him around. Richard makes him keep looking after her.

Cristina sees Copana take a pill - she claims it's a contraceptive. Izzie tells Cristina to leave. Copana collapses. Izzie gets her heart started again while Cristina steals her chart.

Jeremiah's scans don't look good. Addison is called in to consult. Meredith thinks Addison is just doing it to stay but Derek tells her all he has to do is sign the divorce papers to make her leave.

Alex thinks the gunshot wound patient is mentally ill until his wife comes in and verifies his story. Cristina goes through Copana's chart while Meredith talks about Derek. Everyone discovers Alice is missing. She is in with Alex examining the scan of the bullet in the man's head.George comes and gets her. Richard tells him off for not looking after her.

Addison tells Jeremiah that he will die without surgery and may die with it. The gunshot patient's wife insists they don't need a police report.

Cristina still tries to figure out what's wrong with Burke's patient. When George complains that Alice keeps asking for fake labs Cristina realises Copana is faking her illness. She tells Izzie and Burke that Copana could have Munchausen's. Burke wants to run more tests.

Alex and Derek overhear that the wife shot her husband because she cheated on him, they call the police. Burke and Cristina argue about their relationship.

Jeremiah goes into surgery. George loses Alice again. Burke and Izzie work on Copana, her urine is blue. Richard tells George that he will take over looking after her. When he finds Alice she kisses him.

Addison, Meredith and Miranda work on Jeremiah who is struggling. Miranda tries chest compressions but has to pronounce him dead. Burke tells Copana she has to go to a psych ward.

Addison tells Meredith that if there is the slightest chance Derek wants her then she won't leave. The gunshot wound patients wife has been arrested. After surgery he tells Derek and Alex that nothing makes you feel more stupid that cheating on the woman you love.

Izzie tells Cristina says she was right about Copana and Cristina bursts into tears. Richard tells Alex that he failed the clinical skills section of his medical exams. He is still an MD but has 4 months to pass. If he fails again he will no longer be a surgical resident at the hospital.

Derek can't bring himself to sign the divorce papers. Meredith, George and Izzie can't get Cristina to stop crying. Her mother says she knew she would break sooner or later.

Richard can't bring himself to put the restraints on Alice. George does it for him. Miranda calls Jeremiah's mother and cries. Cristina lies in bed crying; Burke comes in and holds her.

Alex meets Izzie in the bar. He avoids kissing her and seems to be in a rush to leave for the restaurant. Meredith and Derek have a drink and she sees that he hasn't signed the divorce papers.