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Grey's Anatomy

S2 Ep 21: Superstition (Recap)

Screened Monday July 3

On one night four patients die in surgery. Izzie talks of a rumour about "fatality clusters" in either threes of seven and predicts that there will probably be three more deaths before midnight. George continues to ignore Meredith and Izzie is distant to Alex.

Addison give everyone a cup of cocoa for good luck. After giving one to Meredith she tells Derek that she is her friend because she is Derek's friend. Meredith throws her cocoa out. Richard is upset that people are cancelling their surgeries and says there will be no more changes to the board.

A woman, Ms Warner comes into the ER coughing up blood. Meanwhile, Cristina tends to Jesse, a car crash victim with OCD and Meredith takes care of Nicky who claims to be struck by lightening. Miranda tells Nicky she has no wounds from lightening, so she says it was a tree that was struck and fell on her.

George tells Richard that Ms Warner is asking for him. Izzie and Alex check on Denny who is in pain. He says he knows about the deaths and wants to avoid the OR. Dr. Torrez tells George he has missed the boat because he never called her. Torrez asks Nicky why she is covered in bruises, Nicky says that she actually climbed the tree that was struck by lightening to see her boyfriend.

Burke is unwilling to operate without his lucky cap. Cristina has it and blackmails him with it. She will give it back if he makes George move out. Burke tells George to get the cap back. Richard tells Ms Warner that she needs a new liver. She was Richard's AA Sponsor and tells him off for having an emotional affair with Alice Grey, the woman who drove him to drink.

George searches Cristina's locker for the cap. He says he won't leave until Burke says so. Meredith thinks Nicky is a stalker. Denny is having a procedure done when Burke says he needs surgery. Cristina's OCD patient is with the psych doctor and is irritating her. George starts stalking Cristina.

Ms Warner's last procedure failed so Richard needs to do a fifty/fifty surgery. Nicky needs her spleen removed but doesn't want to have surgery today because she thinks she will die. Alex tells Denny that Izzie is painting a pretty picture because she likes him. Alex tells him that it's likely he will die.

At lunch, George stalks Cristina while Izzie is worried about Denny's surgery. Derek tells Jesse he needs his surgery. Jesse tells Cristina that she doesn't like him because she is like him, she just uses her obsession in different ways.

Ms Warner is holding an AA meeting in her room and invites Richard in. Denny tells Izzie to get his will if he dies, he calls her "Dr. Stevens" as he goes off to surgery. George follows Cristina into the changing room, he thinks she has the cap on her so wrestles her. Dr. Torrez walks in and embarrasses him.

Izzie finds out that Cristina has Burke's lucky cap so goes to get it for Denny's surgery. She treathens to kick Cristina's ass unless she gives it. Cristina gives in. Meredith talks Nicky into getting the surgery. She notes that Nicky's boyfriend told her that he hasn't been her boyfriend in a while.

Izzie yells at Alex for telling Denny he could die. She breaks up with him. Burke tells them that they can't scrub in. Jesse goes into surgery and Richard operates on Ms Warner. Meredith calls Miranda to Nicky who desperately need surgery. Meredith lies and says that her boyfriend called and said he doesn't want her to die. Nicky crashes.

Izzie waits to hear who has died in the surgeries. Alex and the other interns make bets. Miranda loses Nicky. Richard sees Ms Warner through the surgery but Derek loses Jesse. Denny pulls through. As he is recovering in bed Izzie kisses him.

Alex takes his anger out on George so badly that Cristina tells Burke she doesn't want to kick him out tonight. Dr. Torrez ignores George so he calls her cell phone and apologises for not calling sooner. She smiles. Addison gives Meredith another cup of cocoa. This time Meredith sips it...and then throws it out.