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Grey's Anatomy

S2 Ep 20: Band-Aid Covers The Bullet Hole (Recap)

Screened Monday June 26

George cuts his hair. Meredith walks the dog with Derek. Cristina wakes up to George and Burke being all chummy after having gone for a run.

At work Alex asks Izzie if she is avoiding him, she says no. Izzie is still working with Denny, Alex volunteers to assist.  Addison checks on Mrs Gibson, her pregnant patient. Mr. Gibson tells Addison she looks like Catherine Deneuve; he can't take his eyes off her. Miranda has her baby with her because the nursery is full. George still ignores Meredith.

Meredith and Derek's patient, Sylvia, was giving "special attention under the table" to her husband, Kyle, when she had a shock through her body. Her husband panicked and jammed a fork in her neck. It turns out that she has been diagnosed with a brain aneurism which every surgeon has said was inoperable.

An ambulance arrives and Miranda gives an unwilling Cristina her baby to look after. George tells Dr. Torrez that he called her but hung up every time. They deal with a young hockey player who has dislocated his finger badly. Despite this, he wants to play his game that afternoon. Meredith removes the fork from Sylvia as she and Kyle talk about going to Paris. Meredith and Kyle convince her to have an MRI with Derek.

Alex tells Denny that he and Izzie are dating. Cristina struggles to look after the baby. Sylvia tells Meredith that she is okay with her prognosis because it woke her marriage up.

As Derek looks at the large aneurism, Addison tells him about Mr. Gibson thinking she looks like Catherine Deneuve. All Derek says is - isn't she blonde? Izzie and Denny play scrabble. He asks if she is going out with Alex, she says they are not together. Suddenly, Denny starts having trouble breathing.

Later, Burke tells Denny that he's running out of time. Burke wants to put a machine in his heart until he gets a transplant, but it means he will be stuck in hospital until he gets a new heart. Izzie pages Alex and yells at him for telling Denny about them. Alex says that she is Denny's doctor and he will probably die soon. She storms out.

After being bandaged, the hockey player says he needs to play because college scouts are going to be at the game. Addison has lunch with Mr. Gibson who can't stop staring at her beauty. At another table Cristina, the baby, Izzie and George have lunch. Meredith arrives so George goes and sits with Torrez. Alex arrives so Izzie leaves.

Meredith talks to Derek about everyone being mad at her. She won't tell him what she did. Derek watches Addison laughing with Mr. Gibson. During Miranda's surgery, Cristina puts the crying baby over the intercom to tell her what he wants.

Derek suggests a risky surgery to Sylvia that has only being performed a dozen times. She says no, she wants to go to Europe. Later, Kyle tells Derek that he stopped noticing his wife and now she is sick she's all he can see.

As Cristina tries to get the baby to eat, George picks him up and he stops crying. Torrez comes over and tells him that the ball is in his court. Sylvia tells Derek that her marriage is the best it's been in years so she doesn't want to go back to normal. He convinces her to have surgery.

Denny tells Izzie that he is so tired as she tries to convince him to do the surgery. He says he hates hospitals but she says they need more time. Finally, he agrees to do it and she says she will be there every day.

The hockey player comes in; he played the game after cutting off his finger with instructions from the internet. He asks George to sew it back on. Torrez and George operate. Sylvia is been wheeled to surgery, she makes Kyle promise to go to Paris even if she dies.

Cristina is asleep with the baby, Miranda takes him. Cristina says she doesn't want to baby-sit again. Izzie and Burke operate on Denny. Meanwhile, Addison's patient has given birth and Mr. Gibson doesn't pay attention to her anymore. Torrez tells the hockey player that he has gotten an infection and will lose hand function. His hockey career is over.

Derek operates on Sylvia, he catches Addison's eye watching him. After, Meredith tells Derek that she slept with George. He tells her just to keep apologising over and over until he hears her.

Meredith corners George in the elevator, he won't even look at her as she apologises. Izzie sits over Denny as he wakes up. Cristina gets home and George and Burke are playing trumpet and clarinet together. Sylvia is recovering. Derek tells Addison that he was indifferent before Mark and he was absent, she agrees. He's admits that he is partly to blame for what happened in their marriage and apologises. He says he's working on it.