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Grey's Anatomy

S2 Ep 2: Enough is Enough (No More Tears) (Recap)

Screened Monday 13 February at 9.30pm

Meredith and Cristina complain about their love lives. Derek still doesn't understand why his explanation is not enough. Meredith says its because he waited for Addison to tell her he was married.

Burke shows his superiority by rescheduling Derek's surgery. A family of car crash victims arrive. The father is given to Izzie, the son to Alex and the mother to Cristina. The man in the other car is given to George to try and revive with nurse, Olivia.

A patient with a bowel obstruction, Miranda assumes is carrying drugs, is given to Meredith. George works fruitlessly on his already dead patient. Miranda makes him do every procedure he can to get his heart working again.

Derek discharges Richard but not until his wife, Adele, arrives to take him home. Richard is not happy with Derek for calling her in.

Alex works on the son from the car crash who says it was his father's road rage that caused the accident. Cristina gets a different story from his mother who tries to protect her abusive husband. In surgery, the father who had existing liver damage will not survive without a transplant. His only hope is a family donor.

Miranda makes George keep working on his patient even though it's futile. Meredith tries to find out what is blocking her patients bowel. The x-ray reveals that he has swallowed ten Judy doll heads.

Olivia apologises to George for sleeping with Alex and giving him syphilis. George pronounces the patient. Alex shares with the boy that he too had an abusive father and felt guilty for not being able to protect his mother. The boy is a match for being a liver donor. Cristina tries to talk the mother out of letting her son donate. Burke reprimands her saying it's not her decision.

Burke's OR's are overbooked. Adele tells Burke she wants Richard to retire, Burke appears to want this too. Izzie pressures Alex's patient to give his father part of his liver. Alex tells her off for making a sales pitch to the boy.

George sees Richard and Adele out. Richard tells him to phone him everyday. Addison congratulates Meredith for not taking Derek back and reminds her that there are two sides to every story.

At lunch, George ignores Olivia much to the disgust of Meredith and Cristina. Izzie says that George has a crush on someone else.

The bowel obsturction operation is a success. George is given a donor patient and realises that she is not completely brain-dead. George gets Derek to overrule the other surgeon. They argue and ultimately Burke lets Derek take the patient.

Alex tells his patient that he became a wrestler so when his father hit his mother he could beat him up. After his father left Alex says he wished he had never laid a hand on him, that they had talked things through. The boy agrees to donate his liver as long as his mother tells the police the truth about the car crash and that they move out of the house.

Derek and George give the brain-dead patient an MRI and determine that she does have a viable brain. Afterward, Derek asks George to look out for Meredith.

George finally tells Olivia that he is in love with someone else. He then goes to talk to the family of the dead patient. He realises that the reason Miranda made him work so hard was so he could tell his relative that he did everything he could.

Addison tells Derek that she was trying to get his attention when she had the affair. She apologies but her refuses to listen. Meredith asks why her patient why he ate the Judy doll heads. He says it's best that she doesn't know.