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Grey's Anatomy

S2 Ep 19: What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Recap)

Screened Monday 19 June

It's the morning after and George is regretting sleeping with Meredith. Meanwhile, the dog wakes Addison and Derek up; she offers to walk him and notes that Derek hasn't yelled at her yet about Mark. Meredith and George avoid each other as Alex runs out of Izzie's room half naked.

At the hospital, the interns know something is up but George and Meredith deny it. Cristina presents Keith who was admitted with chest pains. His happy-go-lucky fiancee Amy is with him. Burke says there is a mass around his heart.

Addison walks down the hall in some discomfort. Derek sees to a young boy, Sean, who keeps vomiting after being hit on the head with a baseball.

Addison makes small talk with Tucker then grabs Miranda for a consult. Miranda gives Addison a gynaecological exam, her discomfort is from poison oak. Derek discharges Tucker who waits for Miranda to come back and take him home.

Burke tells Keith that he has an aneurism. It is a risky surgery but it could rupture without it. Amy reminds Burke that they are meant to be getting married soon. Derek tells Sean's two dads that his brain is bleeding. Alex pages Izzie and kisses her until an ambulance arrives with Denny on the gurney. His heart is failing.

Miranda is getting medical supplies for Addison when Richard sees her; she won't tell him what she is doing. Keith and Amy think they want to wait until after the wedding to have the surgery. Cristina advises that he has it straight away.

Izzie tells Burke that it's not fair that Denny is sick. Addison tells Miranda that she thinks her problem is karma because she slept with Mark. She explains that she got the poison oak from walking the dog and peeing in the woods because she didn't want to wake Derek. Addison bursts into tears making Miranda lactate. Richard comes to the door, when he sees Miranda's chest, he leaves.

Sean has a clot and Derek needs to drill into his head to stabilise him. Denny is crashing. Izzie, Alex and Burke try to get his heart to slow down. Denny speaks to Izzie and Alex shocks him. Denny screams in pain. Once stabilised he jokingly tells Alex off for making him scream like a baby in front of Izzie.

Meredith and George still avoid each other. George sees Amy who is looking over all the receipts for her wedding purchases. She says all her dreams have been dashed in the blink of an eye.

Alex talks to Meredith, he jokes that she slept with George. Her reaction gives it away. Meredith retorts that Izzie hasn't forgiven him for sleeping with Olivia, he disagrees. George thinks that Meredith told Alex and freaks out. Alex, Izzie and Cristina follow George and Meredith down the hall and he blurts out that they slept together. He then falls down the stairs and dislocates his shoulder.

Izzie tells Meredith that if she has to choose sides, she is on George's. Cristina tells her off for beating up on the weaker kid. George is treated by a Dr. Torrez who flirts with him. She pops his shoulder back in and puts him in a brace.

Meredith tells Derek that she did a terrible thing and she's going to lose all her friends. He says she won't lose him. Meredith tells Derek that he's not her friend but he says that they could be. He mentions that she could help him walk the dog.

Izzie tends to Denny. They flirt with each other, he asks if she believes in karma and she says yes. Denny says he thinks she's his. Alex watches on. Addison shows Derek her poison oak. She asks if they are even yet, if it's bad enough for her to repay her debt to society. He bursts out laughing, so does she.

Amy tells George and Cristina that Keith is going to have the surgery. She says she isn't strong enough for this and has left him. Keith starts crashing, Amy leaves.

Burke performs surgery on Keith. George and Olivia watch. Olivia tells George that if a woman can't love him like he loves her, then she doesn't deserve him. He apologises for how he treated her. At home, George packs up his stuff. He thinks back to the previous night when he and Meredith were making love. Meredith had burst into tears, she couldn't stop crying so he got up and left.

Meredith asks why there is a suitcase in the hall; George says he doesn't live there any more. She tries to explain, saying that he was saying all these perfect things and she was sad. He tells her that they are done.

Izzie gets all dressed up but not for the date Alex had planned. She asks for a rain check. Burke tells a recovering Keith that Amy left. Izzie has a picnic with Denny. Doctor Torrez gives George her phone number. Burke takes George home with him, he sleeps on the couch. The next day, Derek and Meredith walk the dog together.