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Grey's Anatomy

S2 Ep 10: Much Too Much (Recap)

Screened Monday 10 April at 9.30pm

Whilst Meredith has a one night stand, Cristina sleeps over at Burke's, Alex goes home with Izzie and Derek and Addison have a shower together. The next morning Cristina and Meredith talk. Cristina finds Burke's apartment sterile and Meredith says goodbye to Steve. Burke leaves a key for Cristina who is not happy with this discovery. Izzie and George talk about all Meredith's one night stands and Izzie admits that her night with Alex had "technical" difficulties.

Addison signs her contract. She has a quintuplets case at least three babies will need surgery. Alex and Derek deal with Mr. Martin who is delusional whist getting an MRI. Izzie helps with Addison's quintuplets, the Russells already have triplets, when Izzie makes a crack at this, Addison tells her off.

Meredith and Cristina are having coffee when Steve arrives at the hospital; he can't get rid of his erection. Meredith tries to usher him in but Miranda catches her. Izzie tells Mrs Russell that having five babies puts them all at risk.

Addison preps Burke and Derek on the quintuplets. Derek explains that one of the babies needs brain surgery when she's born to prevent brain damage. Meredith pleads with Cristina to give Steve and enema for her.

Mr. Martin bosses around his assistant as Derek says he has a tumour and needs surgery. Mr. Martin is extremely thirsty because of the tumour. Cristina gives Steve an enema whilst Alex talks Olivia, the nurse he gave syphilis to.

Izzie asks Alex if she was the problem the night before and suggest they make love right then and there. George scolds Meredith for having so many one night stands.  Alex has "technical problems" again with Izzie.

Mrs Russell starts having contractions. Alex tells Mr. Martin's assistant not to let him drink water. Cristina and Meredith discuss the key whilst working on Steve, they manage to alleviate his problem. Burke consults Mrs Russell about one of the babies needing heart surgery. Later, he suggests Cristina move in with him.

Mr. Martin tells Alex he's fired his assistant. Steve's problem returns so Miranda calls for a neuro consult - Derek. Meredith is embarrassed when Derek finds out Steve slept with her. Addison checks the quintuplets, one of the babies' internal organs are growing outside her body. Cristina isn't overly enthused about the idea of moving in with Burke.

Mr. Martin has locked himself in the bathroom. Nurse Olivia tries to get him out. Derek tells Steve that he has a tumour on his lower spine causing the erection but he will remove it and he will be fine. Olivia has turned off the water on the floor to stop Mr. Martin from drinking. Alex breaks the door down to find him drinking from the toilet. They restrain him and Alex prescribes some sedatives.

Cristina uses the key to Burke's apartment. She takes him to her apartment which is a mess and asks if he still thinks moving in is a good idea. At the hospital, Izzie asks Meredith and Alex to be on hand for the birth of the quintuplets. Mr. Martin is having a fit; Derek finds that Alex prescribed the wrong amount of drugs. Olivia goes to consol Alex, they start kissing.

Mrs Russell's water breaks and she is bleeding. Addison says the babies have to come out now so Izzie pages everyone to come and work on them. Meredith tells Steve he's going to be fine and she refuses his offer for a second date. Alex doesn't answer his page, in her hunt for him; Izzie walks in on him and Olivia in bed together.

In the OR, the babies come out and go to their respective surgeons. Mrs Russell cries as they are wheeled out one by one, it's too much to bear.