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Grey's Anatomy

S1 Ep 5: Shake Your Groove Thing (Recap)

Screened Wednesday 10 August at 8.30pm

An exhausted Meredith is struggling to deal with the responsibility of dealing with her rapidly-deteriorating mother while also getting through her internship. Things come to a head when she nods off during surgery while holding a patient's heart, and it slips. Although this isn't a big deal in itself, when Meredith takes her gloves off after surgery she discovers her nail has ripped through the tip of the glove. She is immediately paranoid that she may have nicked the patient's heart.

Meredith doesn't speak up during surgery, and waits anxiously to see if the patient recovers from the surgery. She tells George what happened and he advises her not to tell Burke, and that the heart is tough and it should be alright.

But later, the patient gets worse and has to be taken into surgery, and Meredith blurts out - in front of the husband - that she may have nicked the woman's heart.

During surgery Meredith is told off for not reporting it at the time and - even worse - mentioning it in front of the husband. Burke doesn't think the nick is related to what has gone wrong, as the damage to the woman's heart is quite severe - but she is likely to be in trouble anyway.

Meredith tries to talk to the husband about the woman's medical history, but he is adamant that it is Meredith's fault and won't cooperate. He says the woman was in the best shape of her life, having lost 100 pounds.

Meanwhile, during surgery on another patient who was in the hospital five years ago, the doctors discover the woman has a towel in her lung cavity - left during the previous surgery.

Cristina looks up on the file to find out who performed the first surgery and discovers it was Burke, who has been showing an interest in her.

Bailey tells Cristina that she will deal with it and that Cristina isn't to mention it to anyone.

Meanwhile Izzie's plan to throw a party for her new boyfriend starts to go awry, when more and more people are invited and she hasn't had time to talk to Meredith about the size of the gathering.

To make matters worse, she gets held up trying to discharge one of Alex's patients, who is addicted to painkillers. The patient struggles and ends up falling and hitting his head, needing immediate brain surgery.

While the party is in full swing, Izzie and Alex opt to stay for the surgery. Afterwards, Alex shows he has a nice side by insisting Izzie leave to go to the party (which Alex wasn't invited to) while he does post-op.

Izzie leaves and runs into her boyfriend outside. He's been to the party, discovered the missing Izzie and the by-now-very-drunk Meredith, Cristina and George, and has come to find her. The two have a fight about going back to the party, with Izzie insisting he meet her new friends and co-workers, and the boyfriend leaves.

Back at the party, Meredith has hooked up with Derek, and the two of them are caught in the car by Bailey.

The next day, the house a mess, Meredith has to face her inquiry. She mentions the comment about the woman losing 100 pounds, and Izzie asks how the woman's muscle mass was. This gives Meredith an idea...

During the inquiry, Meredith explains that although the patient still weighed 200 pounds, the extreme weight loss meant she was essentially like an anorexic, with severely reduced muscle mass. The lawyers are unmoved, saying Meredith's actions have harmed the hospital, but Burke speaks up for her. He chooses this moment to admit to leaving the towel in the patient, and how he had doubts at the time but didn't speak up. He says even great doctors make mistakes, and if they can't tell the truth for fear of retribution then the system will fail. This is enough to save Meredith's internship.

Outside, Bailey tells Cristina that Burke was purposely waiting for the most opportune time to admit his mistake, because "knowledge is power". Cristina, who had begun to mistrust Burke, suddenly has a newfound respect for him. She tracks him down to the locker room and they end up in a 'passionate embrace'.