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Grey's Anatomy

S1 Ep 4: No Man's Land (Recap)

Screened Wednesday 10 August at 8.30pm

Cristina gets to the hospital half an hour before everyone else so she can bag herself the patient most likely to need surgery. But the patient turns out to be a former nurse at the hospital, who can tell immediately what Cristina is up to and doesn't tell her that she's not in for surgery - she's in to die. By the time Cristina realizes what's happening she has learned a lesson about patient care, and for the first time become upset at a death.

Adding to Cristina's bad day is the fact that looking after the former nurse caused her to miss out on a unique piece of surgery - a man who has fallen down stairs with a nail gun and subsequently has eight nails imbedded in his brain.

The man is conscious and talking, and Derek Shepherd gets the interns to do some research and help him prepare for the surgery, which goes to plan. However, there is a shock in store for the patient and his wife - he has a tumor (which is what caused him to lose his balance in the first place). The patient is left with a choice between a risky procedure that could make him lose his memory but will allow him to live longer, or having 5 more years with his memory intact.

The patient chooses to go ahead with the procedure, a decision which doesn't sit well with Meredith, who is struggling to deal with her mother's Alzheimer's disease.  Meredith tries to tell the patient's wife they've made a mistake, which only serves to upset the wife and results in Meredith being told off by Derek for interfering.

Meanwhile, Izzy is dealing with a patient who has prostate cancer and has a magazine beside his bed with a photo shoot in it - of Izzy in underwear. The man refuses to have Izzy look after him, but Dr Bailey insists that Izzy has to persevere.  In the end the patient admits to Izzy that he is terrified of losing his ability to have a normal sex life, and having the woman he's fantasized about assisting is just too much for him.

The underwear shoot causes more problems when Alex spots the photo, copies it and pastes it all over the hospital. Izzy finally snaps at him in the locker room, taking off her clothes to give him a better look and making the point that her modeling allowed her to get through medical school debt free while the rest of them are burdened with $200,000 loans.

When her prostate patient goes into surgery, Izzie watches with Dr Bailey, who comments that the surgeon is known as Dr Limp because he always insists on destroying the nerves to make sure all the cancer is removed, when it's possible in some cases to save the nerves - and therefore the sex life.  Izzy decides to step into the surgery and plead with the doctor to save the man's nerves, who agrees but says he's going to complain about her.

In their personal lives, Izzy and George clash when Izzy wanders around their house in her underwear and walks in on George in the shower, making George feel 'emasculated'. The two make up, although George is unable to admit part of his problem stems from his crush on Meredith.

And Meredith agrees to go for breakfast with Derek, despite earlier reservations about it being unprofessional.