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Graham Norton

The Graham Norton Effect

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From bare-faced cheek to bare backsides, candid confessions to 'candid camera' comedy set-ups, Graham is turning up the heat in New York. Swapping catty chat with our host are star guests like Sharon Stone, Joan Rivers and Macaulay Culkin. The show's near-the-knuckle humour and raunchy revelations are not for the easily offended!

The scintillating host with the most grew up as Graham Walker in County Cork, Ireland, and spent a year in a hippie commune in San Francisco. He first made his mark as a stand-up comedian in London and Edinburgh, where he was nominated for a Perrier award in 1997. Around the same time, he loudly announced his presence on our TV screens as the hyperactive Father Noel Furlong in the top comedy hit Father Ted.

Of course, his big shiny star turn came with his own show, So Graham Norton, which outrageously hit the small screen in 1998 on Channel 4 and spawned a number of one-offs like Si Graham Norton (set in Mexico). The format of fab guests, disturbing audience anecdotes and naughty, naughty humour proved popular with the critics as well, earning him handfuls of BAFTAs and British Comedy Awards, and an International Emmy.