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Josh Swartz' wonder years

So how exactly has a 30-something-year-old man been able to create two highly successful teen shows?  

The O.C. had four seasons and inspired the reality show 'Laguna Beach, The Real Orange County', while Gossip Girl has become an internet sensation and has just been commissioned for a third season.

Josh Swartz, the creator of TV2's hit show Gossip Girl, spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about how he's able to channel being a teenager.

"...I remember really acutely being a teenager and those are just fertile periods in your life. Decisions feel so epic and full of drama - and that audience, if they connect with what you're doing, they're extremely passionate about it. Think about it, the songs you remember the most, the movies that you remember the best, the TV shows that you treasure are ones that you fell in love with when you were at that age."