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Mr. Mortimer Ellis Gormsby

Relieving Teacher, QSM

Loud, indefatigable, ramrod of bearing and silver-haired, Gormsby has to be on the dark side of 50 but is otherwise of indeterminate age. Elegantly if conservatively dressed he drives to school in an immaculate 1950s Wolsley, from whence no one seems to know.

His private life is a complete mystery. To his fellow teachers he is an enigma. Despite being a creature from another age his bizarre mannerisms, his authority, intensity and charisma allow him to connect with young adolescent males. This is a source of great resentment and frustration to his new-age colleagues who enjoy no such rapport.

His much cited military background is murky. He seems to have seen active service on just about every continent and with just every rebel hill tribe and insurgent on the planet. Now his battles are with political correctness, disloyalty, dishonesty, hypocrisy and humbug. He is blessed with the gift of candour and is never afraid to speak his mind. Consequently many teachers are fearful of him and some actively loath him. Pupils are wary of him too, but it is an apprehension mixed with awe, fascination and a tincture of affection.