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Zucchini and sweet corn fritters

With Delaney Mes

Serves - 4 for a light dinner or lunch
Cost - about $3 per serve
Time - 25 Minutes


2 med-large zucchini
1 tin cream style sweet corn
2 eggs
1 cup self raising flour
Salt and pepper
Pinch chilli flakes or powder
1 tblsp chopped mint
Sour cream


1. Grate zucchini into a large mixing bowl
2. Add remaining ingredients and seasoning
3. Mix well

To cook:

1. Heat a knob of butter and a teaspoon of olive oil in a fry pan on medium to high heat.
2. Drop spoonfuls of batter into the pan and allow to cook for about 3-4 minutes. Keep checking on the heat, you may need to turn it down. Cooking time will reduce as the pan heats up also.
3. Flip them once brown on the bottom and cook for another 1-2 minutes. Keep warm in the oven on low heat until finished.
4. Add a small amount of butter with each batch, and cook until all batter is used.
5. Serve with a green salad and minted sour cream.

Minted sour cream

Mix together in a bowl 225g sour cream, a tblsp of chopped mint, a pinch of chilli flakes, and a pinch of smoked paprika.