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Why your Newborn Baby Might be Hard to Settle

With Sharleen Poole

Why your Newborn Baby Might be Hard to Settle


The parents of most newborn babies struggle at some point in a day or week to settle their baby. 
It is very common, very normal, but not always necessary, particularly if it is happening on a daily basis.

When I was a beginner I too struggled to settle some newborns, pacing up and down, thinking babies were suffering from tummy discomfort or thinking they were hungry.
What I soon started to realize, after working in my 24hr a day job as a Maternity Nurse, was that babies became less unsettled and responded well to my techniques once I started understanding their needs more.
I started creating a few of my own techniques to use on a daily basis.
I started to understand the common causes for unsettledness and started changing some of the habits or daily routines that I was putting into practice.

The most common reasons for a newborn baby to be unsettled are:
- Over-tired/stimulated (through sound, smell, touch and physical discomfort)
- Hungry
- Wind and digestive discomfort or possible reflux
- Diet of a breast feeding mother, possibly intolerances or allergies
- Anxious or stressed parent(s)
- Too cold or too hot

I'll be demonstrating my own techniques for settling on today's show.

Where to go for further info:

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- Your local Plunket Nurse or Doctor

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(Broadcast: 8 May 2012)