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Wendyls Fact Sheet: Mould Busting Spray

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These recipes help get mildew off curtains and the Mould Magic is a great all-purpose spray to prevent mould and mildew in damp areas like bathrooms. 

Clove Spray for Mould and Mildew Add about 3ml of clove oil to a 1 litre spray bottle of water and spray all over the mould. Leave for a day and then scrub off. You can then make up a spray of 20 drops each of lavender, lemon and tea-tree oil and spray that on to prevent the mould growing back.


Mildew on Curtains Soak curtains with mildew on them in a bucket of water in which you have dissolved 1kg of salt (not iodised). Soak overnight and then hang on the clothes line in the sun (do not rinse). The salt will dry and crystallise then you can brush off and the mould will come with it.


Mould Magic Fill a spray bottle with 2 cups of water then add 20 drops each of lemon, lavender and tea-tree oil. Shake and spray where mould and mildew are likely to grow and leave it there. Don’t wipe or rinse off, just let it dry and help it by opening windows and doors.