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Wednesday 3 June

Animal Advisor Carolyn Press-McKenzie is here today with her bunny  friends Jelly and Tip to show us how to keep bunnies snuggly in winter.

Our Green Living Advisor Viv Harris is with us, and today she's a mean green cleaning machine. She's showing us how to make homemade spray cleaner, dishwashing liquid, and bath and tile scrub.

With the recent chilly weather, global warming of a few degrees doesn't seem like such a bad idea - but the reality of climate change is not going to be easy to weather. Here with some cold facts on a hot topic is NIWA scientist Dr James Renwick.

Astar has some great lemon recipes for us to try! She's cooking Lemon Chicken and Salad, an Orange Lemon Pistachio Cake, as well as a yummy Gluten-Free Fruit Cake.

Young singer songwriter Chloe Bartlett is really making a name for herself in the music world! She's in the studio to perform songs 'Mystery' and 'That Way' for us, and will be on the couch for a chat!

Antiques Expert Anthony Gallagher from Dunbar Sloane has everything you need to know about antique clocks and watches, and he'll assess your antiques.

Fair Go front man Kevin Milne is here with the inside word on what's on the show tonight.

The incomparable Sir Bob Jones joins us to tackle the relationship between humans and animals.

The Great White Shark is known as one of the most fearsome predators, but Nicola Vallance from the Department of Conservation reckons that they should be more afraid of us! Nic is in to tell us all about these creatures of the deep.

Is your fat stationary? Well it's in for a shock and a shake. Sara Scott from Arena Fitness in Porirua is here to help!

Most people know Jordan Luck as the swaggering front man for the Exponents, but behind the musician's bravado is a man whose father suffered for many years with Parkinson's disease. Find out more about Parkinson's here.