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Wednesday 2 September

You'll know her best as Shortland Street 's outrageous Brooke Freeman, but actress Beth Allen has her finger in another kind of pie this month as she takes on the lead role in black comedy stage production, Killer Joe. Beth is here to tell us all about life on the stage and the Street!

The Samuel siblings are a talented dance trio who have recently returned home after winning an impressive fourteen trophies at California's Rainbow World Dance Challenge. They'll join us for a chat, and perform a couple of their amazing routines!

Best known as a prolific sports writer, Ron Palenski has also long nurtured an absorption with New Zealand's involvement in warfare. His newest book How We Saw The War offers and in-depth look at WWII through the eyes of those who kept the home fires burning.

It's officially spring time, and of course it's the time of year when we're likely to find orphaned animals and want to help them. This week Ben Lakomy from the SPCA is going to explain the best way to care for baby animals if you come across them.

Herbs have many uses: they're used in cooking, as medicine, and for spiritual purposes. This morning our Green Living advisor Viv Harris is here to explain which herbs are especially good for us to eat, and how to grow them.

We'll check in with our favourite consumer crusader Kevin Milne to find out what's on Fair Go tonight.

Antiques expert Anthony Gallagher of Dunbar Sloane is in to assess viewer antiques, as well as a mystery object from Mr Milne himself!

Karl Rangikawhiti Leonard is a master weaver, and is set to exhibit his works this month at Wellington's Iwi Art gallery. He joins us to talk about the intricate craft, and to give us a demonstration!

Eight out of 10 people will suffer from back pain at some time in their life. So what can you do to prevent it? Osteopath Will Aitken is here to help! For more information on osteopathy see If you would like to buy a posture cushion call Wellington Osteopaths, (04) 803 3264.

Astar has some healthy recipes to give you a boost this spring! She's got recipes for oatmeal peanut bars, pepper steak soup, and tasty bean salad.

Our practical parenting guru Kerryn Palmer shows us some fun things we can do with the kids using water and ice.

And Sara Scott from Arena Fitness in Porirua is here to help us bust some moves and shake the fat!