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Wednesday 18 November

She's already proven herself as a master in the world of BMX, and she's still only 21 years old! Sarah Walker is a threat to riders both in New Zealand and abroad, and she joins us to talk about the sport, and her quest for success at the 2012 Olympics.

Lynette Whale played the pokies for seven long years. In the end she lost her home, her children's inheritance and her quality of life. But Lynette's story doesn't end there. She has come out the other end, and has written a unique book about her journey, Pokies - Even When I Win. Lynette is here to tell us more about her experiences.

Four young mothers with a passion for singing and dancing have got together to create what's been dubbed New Zealand's answer to The Wiggles. The Polkadots are in the studio and they're performing for you and your kids!

There's an animal theme going on in our antiques area today. Anthony Gallagher from Dunbar Sloane has some trinkets to show us, and he's assessing some viewer antiques too.

Animal advisor Carolyn Press McKenzie is here to teach us how to keep our pets away from chemicals in the garden.

Our favourite consumer crusader Kevin Milne is in to tell us what's up on tonight's episode of Fair Go .

We've got sprouts coming out of our ears this morning! Green Living advisor Viv Harris is in to tell us all about what the are, how to grow them, and most importantly, how healthy they are from us

It's time to get your dancing shoes on now, because Sara Scott is here to take us through her ever popular Shake The Fat programme.

Astar has got some great recipes for you to try! She's making a sprout salad with Viv Harris, a spicy peanut soup with fresh mung bean sprouts, and a yummy beef stir fry with Sarah Walker!

And Astar and Frank Torley are also taking us off to meet some bucking broncos with a behind the scenes look at the 2009 International Rodeo at the Westpac Arena.