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Wednesday 10 October

The young South Auckland hip hop duo Mixt Frequencies are in perform their debut track "Breathe".

Dr Frances Pitsilis from the TV One series "Is Modern Medicine Killing You?" is back by popular demand. She'll be taking your calls and email on any health related matter. Just call 0800 888 255 or email

Pamela Stephenson shot to fame on "Not The Nine O'Clock News", married comedian Billy Connolly, then turned psychologist and author. She's in to tell us about her latest book, "The Varnished Untruth".

The Origami girls from Norris Studios have just won the Auckland regional's and they're off to compete at the Australian Showcase Competitions on the Gold Coast in early January. You can catch their performance on the show and at the Tempo Dance Festival's Kids Show.

Perfect for the school holidays, Wasabi is here to perform some hip hop ahead of the Tempo Dance Festival's Kids Show.

Café Hanoi's Jason Van Dorsten shows you how to make the perfect Garlic Ginger Prawns, plus Cucumber Salad and Tofu and Shiitake Mushrooms.

Are you prepared for retirement? Retirement Commissioner Diana Crossan is in with reminder that not enough of us are on the right track for our golden years.

Each year SPCAs around the country take in more than sixty thousands animals - it's no wonder they need our help. The annual appeal gets underway next month and Matt Dingle is in with how we can help and he's bringing some cute animals too.

So your teen wants a tattoo - what do you do? Does this mean they're heading for a life of crime, about to join a bikie gang or a heavy metal band? Darryl Gardiner is here with the answers when your teen wants to talk new looks.

Jenny Hale from The Parenting Place is back with part two of her Parenting Performance Review and she has some more items to tick off the checklist.

And Penny Ashton has all the latest gossip.