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Turn a pair of jeans into a trendy summer skirt

With Astar

Things to gather:

Pair of jeans
Selection of 3 patterned pieces of fabric - say a metre each
Sharp dressmaker's scissors
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Tape measure or ruler


Lay jeans out on work surface, then with care, cut off legs up by crutch.

Where the crutch is joined, unpick then either cut off again to make level or fold flap over each side. Press to keep flat then stitch down to closed.

Take a finished measurement of where you desire the skirt to hang when finished.

From this measurement divide into 3 then add a further 2cm. This measurement will give drop lengths for each gathered layer or tier.

Take another measurement from around the base or cut off area of jeans - multiply measurement by 3.


To get a really good gathered ruffle, you need a good 3 times the length of fabric&

Lay first portion of fabric for first gathered layer on work bench. The extra 2cm as mentioned above is for hem allowance top and bottom.

When this first portion has been cut, take work to the sewing machine. Select the biggest or longest stitch length, then coming down a cm from one end of fabric, do two rows of stitches - like a close railway line.

Gently pull up the end threads, gathering and evenly distributing gathers until you have enough gathered up to go around bottom open portion of jeans where the legs have been removed.


Allow a cm each end for side seams.

Pin this gathered ruffle around bottom of cut jeans.

Stitch to fix.

You will also need to zigzag around the bottom to neaten and stop it from fraying.

Second ruffle& take another measurement around bottom of first gather.

Use this to cut a long length of fabric adding 1cm top and bottom + an extra cm for the sides.

Gather up and repeat as you did for the first ruffle.

Pin on around bottom hem of first ruffle.

Stitch into place.

Zigzag around base hem to stop fraying.

Repeat process for third and final ruffle, but this time, add 1cm for top fixing and 2cm for hem.

With each layer you will require more fabric.

Turn over bottom hem by 1cm. Press using and iron, the turn over again. Stitch to close.

If desired you could further embellish by stitching braid, trim or lace on top of each row of gathered frills.

Happy sewing& Astar