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Tuesday 4 September

We meet Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat and other best-selling novels.

She's cute and Oh so talented, we've got tunes from 8 year old singing sensation Mia Downing, winner of the Westfield 5 Minutes of Fame competition.

Baby whisperer Sharlene Poole has tips to deal with your baby crying. Sharlene's also answering viewer's questions - email her at

Masterchef Brett McGregor's got spicy chicken treats from around the globe.!/pages/Masterchef-NZ-Brett-McGregor/247790845272300

We talk to fashion designer Juliette Hogan ahead of her Fashion Week show.

Psychic medium Sue Nicholson continues her quest to awaken Rod's inner psychic with a lesson in aura reading.

We meet 3 year old Lewis Railton who suffered a near fatal stroke and his inspirational Mum Sarah - who're in to talk about his remarkable recovery.

Dr Tom Mulholland explores new researching linking cannabis use by young people with a reduction in their I.Q.

The Destiny and Dilemmas panel turn to the stars, numbers and spirits to solve your problems.