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Tuesday 23 March

Live from Auckland we talk to indie music darlings The Swell Season . The band is made up of Oscar-winning duo from the cult film Once, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

Canadian food diva Maribel Linfield gives all our presenters a tutorial on basic cooking skills - including a lesson in how to use knives in the kitchen.

It's the Good Morning Cook Off semi-finals! Your vote is important! Today's semi-finalists will collect 50% of their scores by audience text vote, so get voting! Each text costs 99 cents.

The elderly are twice as likely to suffer depression as the general population. Clinical psychologist Dr Duncan Thomson is here with advice on managing mental health issues as we age.

Our agony aunts and uncles are On the Couch with their answers to your questions. See what advice Dr Duncan Thomson, Ginette McDonald, Maribel Linfield and Gary McCormick have to offer.
- If you have a question you would like them to help with, email: with "On the Couch" in the subject line.