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Tuesday 21 September

You'll know him as the man on the telly telling you how much you are going to be paying for your mortgage. We learn more about the man behind the Reserve Bank, governor Dr Alan Bollard and Crisis , his new book about the global financial crisis.

Dominion Post fashion editor Carolyn Enting reports on New Zealand Fashion Week opening night and previews the week ahead.

Is your baby getting too much stimulation? Baby Whisperer Sharlene Poole has advice making sure that your baby isn't over stimulated. She will also be answering your questions - so get emailing!

Following the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival launch in Wellington, Aussie-based French chef Philippe Mouchel rustles up a quinoa salad with prawn fritters and horseradish mayo.

Ahead of this years World Of Wearableart show, craft expert Fifi Colston reveals the secrets behind her 2009 creation. Fifi has had 17 entries through to the finals of the WOW show over the years, including this year's forthcoming event.

Hanna Grace , accompanied by Phil Stoodley, performs her latest single Hush Now and If I Bought You A Rose.

Catherine Livingstone continues her series on how to set up your own business. In this part - Getting Your Brand Out in the Marketplace - she discusses using social media such as websites, Twitter, blogs and Facebook, and forums you can use at no cost like online resources!

Simon Holst is making quick English muffins and using them in eggs Benedict with both a real and mock hollandaise sauce.

Our other intrepid private investigator Julia Hartley Moore is here taking your calls on infidelity.

Need motivation to get exercising? If anyone can do it, it's fitness instructor Jerry Sargeant !