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Tuesday 20 March

New Zealand's own superstar tenor Will Martin, the youngest tenor in musical history to top the UK's Classical Charts, is in to treat us to a tune.

Jeanette's daughters Charlotte and Mia meet the organisers of the Bioblitz new species hunt and their creepy crawly friends.

What can monkeys teach us about human relationships and sexuality? More than you'd imagine according to visiting American anthropologist Professor Agustin Fuentes who joins us in the studio. Professor Fuentes is lecturing at Auckland University Tuesday March 20th 6pm. For details visit

Simon Gaults right hand man and Executive Chef at The Jervois Steak House Eugene Hamilton gets creative with prawns. Hes making a delicious prawn cocktail, sweet and sour venetian prawns and a creamy, dreamy gorgonzola crepe.

Our Women's Panel featuring Sonia Gray, Rose Matafeo and Julia Hartley Moore asks is it better to have kids young or wait until you're older? 

Psychologist Sara Chatwin investigates our shocking teen suicide statistics and  asks what we can do to stem the tide.

Astar gets creative with herbs - she's making herb wine vinegar, rosemary tonic wine, parsely and garlic mustard and a host of other herbal delights.

The Attitude Doctor Dr Tom Mulholland discusses arthritis and shares tips for how to reduce its debilitating effects.

Leading fashion designer turned historian Doris De Pont explores our obsession with the colour black in her new book 'Black: The History of Black in Fashion, Society and Culture in New Zealand."

Found yourself suddenly single and think your life's over? Private Investigator Julia Hartley Moore shares words of wisdom to help you realise life's just begun.