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Tuesday 16 February

Ventriloquist David Strassman has been entertaining people since he first visited Hollywood's Magic Castle when he was 12. He's travelling New Zealand for Ted E Bare's Farewell Tour. The duo is here for a chat.

Vicki Lee has been part of the NZ music scene since the '70s but has only just made her first solo recording. She's here to tell us about her CD Goin' Back  and the inspiration her friend Sir Howard Morrison gave her.

Still single and not sure why you haven't met the right person? Psychologist and relationship expert John Aiken is in to tell you it's not that simple! He's talking about his new book Accidentally Single.
- Meet John Aiken at The Press Literary Liaison in Christchurch tonight and let him help you identify the 15 mistakes that ruin romance - and how to avoid them. Tickets are $15 and door sales are available.

It can be a struggle for the whole family returning to a routine after being on holiday. Baby Whisperer Sharlene Poole is here with some tips to make the transition smoother for you and the little ones too.

We check in with hairstylist Richard Kavanagh , live from New York Fashion Week, brought to you by Redken and Bendon's DimitiSo.

February is Bike Wise Month, and tomorrow thousands of cyclists are going to be taking to the roads for Go By Bike Day. Bike enthusiast Simon Kennett is in to tell us more.

Was exercise one of your New Year's resolutions? Hopefully the endorphins have kicked in and you're still getting active. Just in case, Dr Cathy Stephenson is here with some inspiration for perspiration!

Craft expert Fifi Colston is here with a great low-cost organiser for your pens and pencils that anyone can make.

Living with learning difficulties can be tough for both kids and parents. Clinical psychologist Dr Duncan Thomson is has some tips for mums and dads.

Bloke-who-bakes Steve Joll is here with a couple of easy recipes that any man can master! He's showing us how to make creme patissiere and a scrumptious blueberry tart.

Book reviewer Laura Kroetsch is getting excited about the authors coming here for the International Arts Festival - and she's got some books to get you excited too.

Today marks the first instalment of our new Man Cave segment. Tune in to hear Brendon and Hadyn explain all your most pressing questions, such as "Why don't men ever listen?!"

We've got a stellar line up of panellists here to answer your problems! Duncan Thomson, Sharlene Poole, Ginette McDonald, Cohen Holloway and Gary McCormick are On the Couch.

And, it's time for your daily muscle express workout - the resistance training programme that's perfect for beginners. Ben Montague from Lifestyle Gym is in to work on strengthening your back muscles.