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Tuesday 15 June

Pianist Freddy Kempf was a child prodigy, voted the best young British performer, and has performed in all the greatest concert venues on earth.  Now he is touring as part of the NZSO's Russian Romantics tour. Watch the show to win tickets!

Baby whisperer Sharlene Poole is looking at how to cope with multiple births, and she'll answer your questions.

" Bloke Who Bakes" Steve Joll has two quick and easy cake recipes your family will love: peachy lemon cake and yoghurt cake. Both these tasty cakes cost less than a dollar a serve and take less than 10 minutes to throw together!

Directional Wellington fashion label twenty-seven names has a cult following here and as far afield as Hong Kong!  US designers Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart are here to give us a preview of their brand new summer collection!

Is it true that the person who wields the remote holds the power in your household?  Do you have trouble wrestling it off your partner? Brendon and Hadyn are in the Man Cave, answering your questions.
- If you've got a question for the Man Cave, please drop us a line at, with "Man Cave" in the subject line.

Has the internet made it easier to cheat?  Private Investigators Kerrie Pihema and Julia Hartley Moore will answer your questions.

Our panel is On the Couch with their answers to your problems. Clinical psychologist Dr Duncan Thomson, Ginette McDonald, Steve Joll and Nancy Schroder answer your burning questions.
- If you have a question you would like them to help with email: with "On the Couch" in the subject line.

Mental health is still a taboo topic, and although the situation is changing, people are still afraid to talk about their mental health problems. Dr Duncan Thomson is here to dispel myths around the Mental Health Act - and why you can talk to your GP without fear of the men in white coats coming to take you away!

Craft expert Fifi Colston is turning trash into treasure - recycling your old soft drink bottles into beautiful gifts.

Book reviewer Laura Kroetsch has her picks of the best new titles hot off the printing press:
 The Surrendered by Chang-Rae Lee
Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link
Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain

New mums and babies can join in with Anna Gibbons and Active Mums - our daily Swiss ball fitness programme designed to strengthen pelvic muscles, tone up tummies, legs and arms and improve posture. Tune in every day after 10! 
- Active Mums offers pre- and post-natal fitness for mums all over New Zealand.