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Good Morning

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Tuesday 11 December

Singing sensation Dane Rumble is in to play his latest catchy singles.

We meet the Nothing Trivial star everyone loves to hate, actress Katherine Kennard, who plays Mac's manipulative ex-wife Jo.

We meet the dedicated Maori warden volunteers from TV ONE's brand new series Unsung Heroes.

Our celebrity panel Wendyl Nissen, Sarin Moddle and Robert Rakete debate the latest hot topics in the news.,195684,

Masterchef Brett McGregor's whipping up tasty treats the whole family will love.!/pages/Masterchef-NZ-Brett-McGregor/247790845272300

And Brett and Brenton Thornton compete for the best recipe in our 'Battle of the BBQs'.

The godfather of gossip David Hartnell is in to reveal his annual best and worst dressed lists.

Psychic medium Sue Nicholson turns taps into the spirit world to solve your problems.

Craft Queen Astar is making Christmas crackers, making over a Christmas tree and cooking chocolate rum balls with Slade.

We cross live to New York for the latest celebrity gossip from Nelson Aspen.

And unsung heroes of the comedic variety entertain us with street theatre antics from the Unwrapping Christmas in the Big Little City Festival.

And best-selling author Kate Langdon reviews three great new reads to take on holiday.