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Thursday 7 June

She's one of New Zealand's most talented imports. As a child, Canadian Tami Neilson travelled all over Canada and the USA with her family, singing country music with the likes of Johnny Cash. When she fell for a good Kiwi man, New Zealand gained a daughter and one of our most successful singers. Winner of Best Country Album for the third time in a row, she sings for us today.

Miriama Smith is with us today, to talk about the work she is doing in Sr Lanka with Habitat For Humanity and for the MJF Foundation. The company that brings us our morning cup of tea, Dilmah, runs over one hundred and forty aid projects in Sri Lanka, helping with everything from education, to elephant protection, to small businesses. Miriama will talk about her upcoming trip and her personal motivations for helping with the work.
If you wish to volunteer for Habitat For Humanity, call 0800 442 248!

"Brilliantly funny, defiantly engaging. Theatre that will leave you speechless". That's what the reviewers had to say about Silo Theatre's latest production, "Tribes". We have two of the main characters, Catherine Wilkin and Leon Wadham, in the studio and Leon tells us what it's like to play a profoundly deaf character.

Low pay rates in Rest Homes are an exploitation of women's labour. So says the woman who went undercover to investigate how well our loved ones are being cared for. Dr Judy McGregor is in the studio to talk about her experience and what, she says, amounts to modern day slavery.

Don't take Granny's china vases to the flea market just yet! James Hogan is in with some fine English examples that are worth thousands of dollars.

Careers expert Tom O'Neil has given us lots of advice on how to prepare for a job interview. Now he's back to tell us all about how to nail it in the interview room and leave a winning impression.

One of the most common pieces of fashion, worldwide - the ubiquitous denim jean. Is there a wrong way or a right way to wear them? How do we make sure we get the fit just right? Fashion guy Luke Bettesworth and his lovely models from KHM show us how.
Special thanks to Just Jeans, Newmarket.

It's Coeliac Awareness week from June 4th to10th, so baker Sean Armstrong is in the kitchen  with sweet and tempting recipes which are completely gluten free.

Our lovely Astar is back on track after straying into fishy territory last Thursday. She's going to be helping keep the kiddies warm this winter with a quilted throw for their beds.