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Good Morning

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Thursday 5 July

 The Kidz Stuff's production of Three Little Pigs will be here to entertain children for the school holidays.

 Costume designer Kate Hawley will talk about her return to NZ to work on the set of Opera Lucia di Lammermoor.

 Irene Van Dyk will cook a low cholesterol recipe in the kitchen after her recent health scare with high cholesterol.

 Artist Malcolm Sime and Brendon will be painting a Tuscan landscape scene throughout the show.

 Astar is back making a throw for the Habitat for Humanity Home.

 Psychic Medium Sue Nicholson will be reading viewers' palms.

 Our teen expert Darryl Gardiner explains how to give advice to teens when you are not the parent. 

 Lawyer Bill Bevan will talk about 'Privacy and the media'.