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Thursday 3 May

This year The Warratahs celebrate their 25th anniversary, with a new 5 track EP featuring the new single 'Kupe's Tears' and a newly remastered 19-track Warratahs 'best of' collection. Good Morning is helping them to celebrate and launch their nationwide birthday tour, with some performances and good chat about what else has been going on in their lives.

Ireland's answer to the Conchords are in the studio with their comedy rock and roll act. 'Dead Cat Bounce' are a fine bunch of musicians, with a combination of stadium rock excess and mundane subject matter, from kayaking to golf. They don't parody rock, but embrace it to get their jokes across. They'll be singing about something close to our hearts - rugby.

In 1976, journalist Gordon McLauchlan wrote a best-selling social commentary, "The Passionless People", where he probed the murky depths of the New Zealand psyche. He found us to be smug, complacent, "smiling zombies". In 2012 he revisits his theme, to report on how we've changed over the past forty years. It's challenging and not very flattering this time round either. Today, he's on the Good Morning couch to explain why he thinks we've still go so far to go.

She's one of the most delightfully potty-mouthed women in British acting, but always said in the nicest possible way. Miriam Margolyes has won a BAFTA, played a penguin, a sheep dog and a glow worm. She's been in Blackadder, played Professor Sprout in two Harry Potter movies, and now she's in New Zealand, touring her one-woman show "Dickens Women", where she inhabits twenty three different characters! We're chatting with her on Good Morning about her vast career, her play and why she loves to shock people.

Luke and his lovely models will be rocking the leather and lace look this week with fashions from Andrea Moore and Decjuba.

Meet a man who knows what people like in bed! Peter Alexander has been Australia's 'King of Sleepwear' for the past 25 years, and his jammies have been worn by everyone from Kylie Minogue to Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton. He's with us to tell the story of how he grew from a tiny mail order business run by him and his Mum on the dining room table, to an internationally recognised online and retail brand.

Antiques man Josh Williams is with us again today and this time he has some beautiful examples of handbags from the past to show us. Back then it seems we didn't need Prada or a Louis to tell us what was good for us!

Our technology guru, Peter Brislen, is back with us and this week he's talking about how to save you from all those holiday arguments about holding the map the right way up and stopping to ask somebody. Handheld, downloadable GPS systems are the topic this week - it could save your marriage!

Sean Armstrong is our baker today and he's got an absolutely classic Kiwi institution - the humble pie. Only there's nothing humble about his fillings, delicious beef and oyster, spicy chicken and fruity feijoas.

Doilies, those extra bits of decoration that you aren't quite sure what to do with, but can't quite throw away because they were Aunty June's. Astar's to the rescue with ideas that will bring them right up to date with your modern interiors.

Too many women suffer the symptoms of Menopause in silence, confused about how their body is behaving, worried by the bad news they hear about synthetic hormone replacement therapy. Today, we have invited Dr Rosi Horrocks, a physician who specialises in Menopause, to share her knowledge of safe and natural ways to relieve your symptoms. She has detailed information about hormone treatments and will be responding to the experiences and questions you have sent in by email. She'll be joined on the couch by Julia Hartley Moore and our own Astar, two women who are only too familiar with the effects of Menopause.
Dr Rosi Horrocks, (Msc Hons1) BHB D.ComH, MAAM, NZCAM
Menopause and Andropause Physician, 68 Beach Road, Parnell, Auckland