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Thursday 26 April

We're really into him so we've invited him onto the show - Greg Behrendt , American stand up comic, straight guy advisor for "Sex and the City", TV show host, musician and author of the controversially titled, but best selling book "He's Just Not That Into You". He's with us in the studio to talk life, love, the universe and how to know when a man's worth hanging onto.

"A petite blonde bombshell possessed of a special way with heartfelt pop songs", describes Sarah Brown perfectly. With her latest album due for release in May this year, she plays and sings two of the tracks for us in the Good Morning studio.

When the hot flushes, sleepless nights, rage and fuzzy thinking shows up, what do you? What any right minded woman would do of course, go and write a musical! Luckily someone did and we have the cast of the hit show "Menopause the Musical" in the studio to show that you can make light of almost any drama in your life.

Antiques man James Hogan is with us again today and this time he has toys from the last century, including beautiful China dolls and a steam boiler for boys.

Dan Wootton is live from London with the latest in celebrity news. The big event last week - his exclusive interview with Madonna, the only one she gave in the UK prior to the release of her new album. Dan tells what it's really like to meet a legend in the flesh and catches us up with the news on bean spilling Simon Cowell's biography.

The 2012 Documentary Edge Festival showcases the best offerings from documentary film makers from all over the world, including New Zealand. We have an exclusive sneak preview of some of the highlights on offer and talk with the festivals organisers, Alex Lee and Dan Shanan.

Good Morning talks about another taboo subject with Dr Anil Sharma - Menopause. It happens to all women ( and their long-suffering partners) unless you are unlucky enough to get hit by a truck. There are thirty four bothersome symptoms listed! Are we women just doomed to misery or are there ways of coping and shaking it off as just another stage of life?

The BBCs highest rating drama launch ever, "Call the Midwife" is proving a big hit in New Zealand as well. Luke Bettesworth is in the studio with his models, showing us fifties fashion inspired by the hit new series that tells the colourful stories of midwives and families in London's East End. Garments from Dotti, Max, Jackie E and Portmans

You can't live with 'em, can't bury 'em in the backyard. They're Relatives! And we've all had them somewhere along the line. If you want to find out how to trace your roots the easy way - online - watch technology guru Paul Brislen this Thursday, as he shows us some of the resources that can help you build your family tree.

Kim Evans, creator of the fabulous Little and Friday bakery cafes has just released her first cookbook and she's in the Good Morning Kitchen to demonstrate some of her favourite recipes. Be watching and also get a chance to win a free copy of her "Treats From Little  and Friday" cookbook.

'Tis the season for indoor eating and Astar has some lovely craft ideas for making your table look decorative with her napkins and holders. Satnd by for miracles with toilet rolls and tin foil!