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Thursday 21 May

The man, the legend, the one and only Frankie Stevens has released a new CD of some old classics. We'll catch up with Frankie, and he'll perform just for us!

This weekend Elvis hits Frankie Stevens's home town of Upper Hutt. We do the jailhouse rock with three of the impersonators taking part in Elvis Downunder.

The recession is hitting hard, and for some, counselling is one way of dealing with the stress. Shelley Anderson from the North Shore Home & Family Counselling agency is with us to talk about this recent phenomenon.

With the increasing number of redundancies, a new self-help resource is about to be launched that helps workers who have had their contracts unlawfully terminated or who are seeking recovery of wages and holiday pay. Bill Bevan is going to launch this new resource on the show today.

Guidance counsellors are a mainstay in our colleges, but what do they actually do? Ross Sellwood, Jules Esther and resident teen coach Darryl Gardiner are here to explain the roles of guidance counsellors.

Yoga guru Deidre-Lee is here to help you go from tense to toned!

20/20 goes behind the scenes of the oldest profession.

Tamara Jane takes us down to the woods today with her delicious black forest cake - you won't want to miss this recipe!

Having glass-identification troubles? Astar is here to help! She's making painted glasses, jewelled glass rings - and she's also getting autumnal with a gorgeous floral arrangement!

First swine flu, now pig-gate. The big story this week has been the living conditions of pigs in pig farms. Willie Jackson, Jane Clifton and Barry Soper have a view on all the porkies from both sides of the story, and they take a peek at next week's big budget.