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Thursday 19 May

Shortland Street actor Ido Drent joins us to chat about his latest trip to East Timor ahead of the World Vision 40 Hour Famine

Musician Maisy Rika treats us to a performance and chats about Pao Pao Pao 2011! For more information about the event, head to

NZ Post Children's Book Awards winners Mark Sommerset and Rowan Sommerset talk about their Children's Choice award for book "Baa Baa Smart Sheep"!

Our favourite patisserie Tamara Jane's making ginger cupcakes with lemon frosting, ginger crunch slice, and a gorgeous chocolate & ginger slice!

With the release of the 2011 budget today, the Good Morning Political Panel have plenty to talk about! Tune in as they give us their take on what that means for you at home.

Dr Anil Sharma joins us to talk about permanent methods of contraception.

Astar's got more crafts to spruce up your home! She's finishing off her gorgeous handmade mirror, and then creating a mirrored glass stand.

Career specialist Tom O'Neil's in with top tips for negotiating your salary.

Nelson Aspen's in with our daily gossip fix!
And Philipp Spahn and Bianca Greatz present 
LUDUS MAGNUS for girls!