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Thursday 14 June

 We have an action-packed show today with acrobat Jenny Ritchie in to demonstrate her aerial stunts and Nick Creech taking Brendon for a spin in the German Wheel.

Shortland Street star Fleur Saville (Libby Jefferies) is starring in a play called "Lobby Hero" directed by Shortland Street Director Caroline Bell-Booth. They'll both be in to update us on the play and the latest Shortland street gossip. and

Lawyer Bill Bevan starts a new series on complaints commissions and today will look at the topical area of electricity.

Sue Nicholson is back to answer viewer questions about the future.

Darryl will take your calls on how to talk to your teens about same sex attraction.

Astar is embarking on a porcelain project today making roses and leaves, as well as a more economical dough version. Next week she'll be painting and guilding them and showing us how we can decorate a mirror and candelabra.

Our political panel, Willie Jackson, David Farrar, Jane Clifton and Barry Soper will be talking about the latest from the Beehive.

Chef Anne Morton is making scones today and giving us tips on the many different varieties.

V Waretini is focusing on core back muscles today in Body Balance.