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Thursday 1 March

You've just met the love of your life, hearts are pounding, hormones are surging, it's all champagne and naughty weekends - is this the right time to bring up who gets the house when you break up? Relationship Property Lawyer, Deborah Hollings, is here with a reality check.

Summer's definitely here at last, but the bad news is, the Brits are talking about Speedos as the next small thing for men! What do they know about summer anyway? To save the women of New Zealand from a traumatising time at the seaside, Luke Bettesworth is back with some hunky models in some real men's beach wear.

She's a free spirit, a beach comber who loves dolphins and sings like an angel. We're introducing a lovely young newcomer to the music scene - nineteen year old, Jamie McDell is here with her debut single.  


It's Saint David's Day, a day the Welsh love to clebrate with a leek or two. So, Sean Armstrong is here with some rare bits of Welsh baking.

An interesting factoid for you - electric vibrators were invented before vacuum cleaners and the electric iron. Seems eminently sensible... Here to enlighten us further is Anna Jullienne, appearing in the Auckland Theatre Company's "In The Next Room".

Tribal art - should it be traded or not? It's something to think about, as Antiques expert Josh Williams shows us some stunning and unusual works of art, all the way from Africa.

Astar is carrying on with her decoupage technique this week, but now, she's showing us how to decorate a lovely herb tray.

Showbiz hotliner, Nelson Aspen is here and this week, he's been at the Oscars, gathering inside info to share with us. Find out what really goes on behind all the the glamour, straight from the red carpet.

Today's marketplace is more challenging than ever, with new skills in demand that were never even thought of a decade ago. How to keep up with advancing technology and competition from a global workforce? Tom O'Neil is here to advise on the needs and opportunities for re-training in the 21st century job market.

And, he's sailed around the world seven times and is one of the most competitive names in the business. The Volvo Ocean Race is steaming its way towards New Zealand and the man in charge of our hopes is Emirates Team New Zealand's Grant Dalton.