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Teen Make-up Tips - 4 August

Teen Make-up - It's all about the sparkle!

I love doing make-up on teens. They always get so excited, no matter what you do!

Remember, make-up is fun and not to be taken seriously. At the end of the day, it's just powders compressed into container boxes. If you don't like what you've done you can wash it off - fabulous!

Keep your application clean, light with sparkle and shimmer - this is a winning look for teens.

Skin with a glow 

A good habit to get into is keeping your skin clean, healthy and moisturised. Don't exfoliate more than once a week and use blotting tissue to remove excess oil during the day.

Make sure the only time you touch your face is with clean hands. And if you are prone to break-outs, consult a reputable beauty therapist - they have some wonderful products to combat acne.

When I'm applying makeup to teens I keep it very light. There is nothing worse than seeing teens walking around with a load of bog on their face!
If you have a clear complexion, go for a tinted moisturiser.

If you would like more coverage, go for mineral powders. They are great for acne-prone skin as they are 100% natural with no additives or chemicals.
Eyes that sparkle

Using a light metallic creme shadow, smooth on to the eyelids and up to the eyebrows with your fingertips. This works wonders with any eye colour.

To recreate the effect of Bambie lashes, apply mascara, working the wand down onto the top of your lashes first then come up from underneath coating the bottom of your lashes.

Wiggling the mascara wand from side to side will ensure an even application. Separate your lashes with an old mascara wand that has been washed and dried.

If you're going out to a dance, apply transparent glitter powder to your eyelids by pressing product on to your lids, not sweeping with a brush or glitter will end up all over your face - but that sometimes isn't a bad thing.

Lip Enhance

Less is more when it comes to teen lip products. A sweep of pink or apricot lip-gloss is all you need to achieve fabulous lips!

Don't go for lipsticks as they always give you an unnatural and overdone lip.