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Stars in Love by GiGi Sosnoski

Stars in Love by GiGi Sosnoski

What can you expect this year in matters of the heart? When it comes to love it's more than just physical - it's what you can both share and be involved in that makes it lasting!

2014 is the year that encourages us to get out there, try new things and be active in order to meet a new prospect or enhance a current romance. For most of the year Mars is in Libra, the sign of relationships, so it's a time of reaching out to others, finding new love and creating greater balance in the partnerships we have. Sharing in mutual interests, getting involved in joint projects and connecting in like-minded and like-hearted ways is always key in relationships, and this year more than ever!

It doesn't matter if you are seeking a passionate partner or already have one, this is the year to enhance your current relationship status by knowing what the Stars in Love indicate for you:

Aries:With Uranus in your sign this year you can use your naturally energetic nature to jump into more innovative activities, helping you to connect with the future Mr/Ms Right! Tap into new endeavours that can expose you to exciting sports or scientific studies. To find a mate to share your adventurous and progressive spirit with, try hand gliding, cross country hiking, mountain climbing or sign up for a computer programing class or Astronomy course. This is the year for positive change so get out there and enjoy life while enjoying a new mate!
As an Aries you are awesome because: You are courageous, straight forward, your energy and passion motivates others, you love adventure and you're a natural leader!

Taurus:With Pluto supporting your Sun sign, this will be a year when your slow-to-move energy will actively seek out a more sensuous, creative and prosperous partner. Make the effort to meet someone who gives you a feeling of down-to-earthiness. Join a gardening club, take a cooking class, sign on for a wine-tasting tour, take some pottery classes or singing lessons. All these areas can be prime locales for meeting The One. This is the year for transformation and greater self confidence, so more power to attract what you want in your life including love!
As a Taurus you are awesome because: Your sensuous nature is an asset, you appreciate good food and wine, you're stable, dependable, loyal, you love nature, you are a great hugger.

Gemini:Mars is harmonizing with your Sun sign, helping to energize your natural need to share knowledge, discuss new ideas or think up creative concepts! You can connect with a new partner by getting involved in media groups, on-line chat sites, taking a creative writing class or joining Toastmasters. Look for a like-minded connection who likes to talk - good not only for intellectual musings but for romantic murmurings too! This is the year for feeling secure in what you have to say and expressing yourself with more assurance - a good way to attract a mate!
As a Gemini you are awesome because: You can multi-task easily, you're an idea person, you are great at communicating, you love to share interests with others, you are a true conversationalist!

Cancer:As Jupiter is in your Sun sign for half the year and Neptune is also in harmony for all of 2014, this is the time to enhance both your intuitive and creative nature! Find a partner who can bond with you emotionally and one who can give and accept nurturing. It's important for you to have someone who can appreciate your protective and gentle spirit, so seek out a similar soul by getting involved in intuitive development classes, nature hikes, genealogy courses, photography classes, or shared activities by the sea. This is the year for you to feel more creative, secure in yourself and broaden your horizons by traveling and exploring - this will create more opportunity to meet your love connection.
As a Cancer you are awesome because: You are loyal, incredibly protective, intuitive, your nurturing and caring nature is one of your best traits, you're very creative.

Leo:Uranus is enhancing your Sun sign all year, so you can express even more of your dramatic, charismatic, generous, and enthusiastic nature! Now all you need is to find your equal, which is not always easy, but certainly do-able this year! 2014 is a great year for you to get involved in theatre or drama groups, fundraisers, group trips to tropical locales, join a tennis team or take a decorating/design class. This is the year for you to better share your open-hearted and creative spirit with others who can appreciate and admire you while also being your significant other!
As a Leo you are awesome because: You are warm-hearted, giving, loving, creative, personable, outgoing and noble in your manner.

Virgo:With Pluto encouraging your Sun sign while Neptune opposes it, this will be a year when your gifts and talents can be encouraged - but keep an eye on who you choose to share them with! Thankfully your natural common sense and ability to analyze situations will have you coming out ahead! 2014 is a great year for you to get involved in activities that are not only of interest to you but where you can meet the right consciousness and polite partner. Join a walking group, a cooking class, take holistic or healthful eating classes, classes on DIY, or a course on psychology. This is a great year for you to drop the perfectionist tendencies and although still being choosy, find and connect with the right soul mate!
As a Virgo you are awesome because: You are conscientious, have a good eye for details and organization, are helpful and have a keen intelligence.

Libra:With Mars in your sign for most of this year your radar is set for connecting with a passionate yet creative partner. Find your soul mate in 2014 by getting involved in activities that speak to both your artistic and intellectual self. You have a strong need for relationships, so find someone who feels the same. Join up with like-minded others for art or design classes, take creative writing courses, get involved in social sports like golf or tennis, join a Meetup group or enroll in a ball-room dance class. This is your year for taking your personal goals and putting them into action - a great way for connecting with your partner.
As a Libra you're awesome because: You're a born diplomat, poise and elegance is a big feature, relationships of all kinds are important to you, you are artistic and idealistic.

Scorpio:Saturn moving through your sign in 2014 means you may find love connections with those who are serious, ambitious, conservative and stable. This is the year when you'll be drawn to lovers who can prove they are dependable and trustworthy. Planning for the future and making long term goals will be a turn-on for you now and a thoughtful connection who is ambitious and hard working will ring your bell. Take accounting classes, learn more about money management and think about investment properties to find your soul mate. This is the year to get serious about your personal and professional goals, achieving what you set your sights on.
As a Scorpio you're awesome because: You are passionate, have great willpower, are intense in all that you do, are resourceful and have a deep intuitive nature.

Sagittarius:Uranus in harmony with your Sun sign this year means you can turn your attention to growing your goals while expanding your horizons in love areas. Your naturally wanderlust inclinations can be an asset as you use that curious nature to meet a fellow adventurer! Consider joining a group to tour an exotic travel destination, take horse back riding lessons, mountain climbing, biking - just finding someone of similar nature to explore life with is key. The restless nature of the Sagittarius can come in handy when paired up with a similar soul who is equally outgoing and outspoken! This is the year for you to expand your view of the world!
As a Sagittarius you are awesome because: You are optimistic, outgoing, enthusiastic, direct and honest, curious about life and adventurous.

Capricorn:With Pluto in your Sun sign this year, your Phoenix is rising from the ashes! 2014 is a year where you can get out of the ruts and expect major life transformation in many areas, especially love energies! This is the year for finding new intensity emerging in your life and a powerful time of confidently manifesting the partner that you want! Although you are a pragmatist naturally, this is a year to seek connections by taking a class on spiritual growth, studying psychology, taking an on-the-job executive course, getting involved in a political group or learning more about world economy. Any of these areas could help you transform your mind while helping to transform your love life. This is your year to rise to the top in all that you seek and strive for!
As a Capricorn you're awesome because: You are resourceful, disciplined, practical and tenacious in love and ambition!

Aquarius: Mars in harmony with your Sun sign for much of the year is energizing your somewhat quirky nature and independent soul! 2014 is a great time to flex your muscle when it comes to getting involved in various projects that can help you meet your like-minded and free-spirited equal for similar sojourns. Get involve in humanitarian efforts, challenge a political party, help teach the underprivileged or learn how to bungy jump! Whatever you do make sure that your partner understands that although you want a close relationship you also need your own space too! This is the year for you to freely express yourself!
As an Aquarius you're awesome because: The status quo doesn't cut it for you, you fight for the underdog, you like trying new things, you have an ingenious mind and free spirit.

Pisces:With Neptune in your Sun sign this year, your intuitive, imaginative and musical muse is creating a mesmerizing opportunity for greater love and romance to dance into your life. Although your naturally timid nature sometimes has you playing the wall flower, 2014 is the time when you can entice the love of your life into your life! Make it even easier by taking photography classes, going to art galleries, signing up for dance lessons, joining a spiritual Meetup group, volunteer to help the homeless or save the animals. This is the year to put your intuitive and creative talents to their best use!
As a Pisces you're awesome because: You are super sensitive and sympathetic, you are idealistic toward those you love, you are intuitive and creative, you believe that we are all One.

About GiGi Sosnoski:

GiGi Sosnoski is a New York City Astrologer, Motivational Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Planetary Intuitive, Workshop facilitator, Writer of monthly Motivational articles and videos, Radio and TV contributor. As a Life Enthusiast, GiGi's passion is sharing upliftment and inspiration with others. Encouraging people to get excited about their lives, their abilities, their relationships and their futures is what she does best! For more information visit  or call 09 950-6760