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Snapper En Papillote

With Nick Honeyman

Snapper En Papillote

Makes 2 portions
Cost $16
Prep time: 15mins
Cooking time: 8mins.

Ginger Dressing 
10g ginger
15g red wine vinegar
1tbs sugar
10g soy sauce
15g canola oil
15g olive oil
1 Juice of lemon
5g salt

2 x 140g snapper fillet (skin on)

1 large red chili (deseeded)
10g coriander (picked)
10g Mint (picked)
1 lime (just the zest)
2 baby truss tomatoes
1 bok choy
20g ginger
1 Eshallotte (peeled)

2 x 35 by 35cm pieces of greaseproof paper

Turn the oven on to 180C.
For the ginger dressing grate the ginger on a fine grade into a mixing bowl.
Add all the other ingredients to the ginger and mix until sugar is dissolved.
Pour into a pouring vessel and reserve in the fridge. This can be made a few days in advance.

Julliene the ginger and chilli (cut in to fine matchsticks).
Wash the bok choy and cut the leaves off the stems.
Take the leaves and halve them and cut the remaining stems into strips (the bok choy stems give this dish a great textural component).
Slice the eshallot as finely as possible and cut the cherry tomatoes in half.

To make the papillote, take the 2 pieces of greaseproof paper and fold them in half to form a crease and then unfold it again and lie it flat on your bench.
Working on one half of the paper place the bok choy leaves and stems in the middle of each.
Season the snapper fillets with sea salt and the lime zest and place them on top.
Then distribute evenly all the other ingredients on top of the snapper fillets.
Finally pour 10mls of the ginger dressing on to each and then fold the other half of the paper over it.
Start from the right hand corner where the crease is and make a fold with a 2cm width, continue making 2cm folds until you have reached the other side, there should be about 10 folds. Double fold the end and this is your sealed bag in which your snapper will steam in.
Place the bags on an oven tray and bake for 13mins at 180C. 
Serve the bags directly on to a plate and let your guest open their own magical flavours.

(Broadcast: 06 Mar 2012)