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SingStar Competition

The SingStar competition has now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our winners!

Anna Salisbury - Love Addict
Shannon Leef -  Eye of the Tiger OVERALL WINNER!
Emma Moorfield - Gone

Best Performer

Anna Salisbury - Love Addict WINNER!
Ashleigh Payne - Love Fool
Barry Muir - Take a Bow

Funniest Music Video
Shannon Leef -  Eye of the Tiger WINNER!
James Fayen - Yes, We Have No Bananas
Shannon and Sophie -  Walk the Line/Footloose

Best Pets Music Video 
Emma Moorfield - Gone WINNER!
Lachlan Woods - I'm an Ugly Girl  
Hester Neary - Who Let the Dogs Out

Best Children's Music Video
Liz Bellchambers -  Hangin'
Ben Chambers - Work This Out
Casey and Kaleesha Messent - Purple Haze  WINNER!

The overall winner will take home a fantastic entertainment package, including a Sony high definition camcorder and Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 video-editing software.  They'll also receive a PlayStation 3 console with a copy of SingStar for PS3, a set of SingStar microphones, 5 mini-DV tapes plus $100 worth of SingStore credits.

We'll also be giving away four PlayStation 2 consoles and SingStar games for the following four categories:

  • Funniest Music Video
  • Best Children's Music Video
  • Best Pets Music Video
  • Best Performer