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Sarah Laurie - Creating an abundant Christmas: 1 December

Creating an Abundant Christmas - Part 2: Practical Planning

I cannot emphasise enough the benefit of preparation.

If you prefer to escape the frivolity and enjoy some time away relaxing, your preparation may be somewhat low key; ensuring that your home and pets are well cared for, arranging accommodation, packing appropriate clothing, possibly considering what meals you will be enjoying [if you're camping] so that you can shop in advance, choosing what books you will read. If you enjoy throwing open the doors of your home and inviting friends and family to visit and stay, your preparation will be different again.

When preparing your home for Christmas, a useful place to begin can be with a pen and paper. Take a wander through each room in your home and around your garden. Without regard for time and cost at this stage, note down what you would love to see in each of the rooms in your home and outside. Is it manicured lawns, blooming flower pots, outdoor lighting, a lovely area to enjoy al fresco meals? Inside you may wish to have a big clear out of clutter, enjoy your home clean and smelling fresh, perhaps you have Christmas candles and decorations to place in your home to emphasize the Christmas Spirit. If you have people to stay, you may need to purchase fresh new towels or sheets, and ensure you have enough cutlery, plates and glasses to entertain.

Become an avid list maker until you have your Abundant Christmas down pat:

- Outdoor jobs
- Indoor jobs [broken down by room]
- Christmas decorations
- Additional home wares required
- Gifts to buy
- Cards to send
- Food Shopping
- Entertaining [what social engagements you will host and attend, and with whom]

Take your calendar and give consideration to whom you plan to catch up with. Choose which days, or evenings are best going to fit into your schedule. Even if your schedule looks busy, you will feel more in control if you have you calendar carefully mapped out in advance.

This may seem like a huge project to endure, however to be prepared will proffer a sense of calm and control, and ensure you enjoy 'the project' in the context of your Christmas Spirit!