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Sally-ann's Fashion Fixes Pt2 - 2 Jul

Fashion Fixes part Deux

1.      Small bust add detail with ruching, pockets and ruffles

2.      Big upper arms 3/4 sleeves and vertical stripes are good

3.      Wide hips one colour outfits are flattering, look for stretch fabrics

4.      Thick ankles stay away from ankle straps and ankle length tights

5.      Thick middle nipped in waist detail and sashes add shape

 Fashion toady is hit and miss when it comes to buying off the rack if you are outside the 'standard' shape. Those with a small bust, wide hips or thick ankles can be left out in the cold making fashion faux pas that are not their fault.

To the rescue: Fashion designers who recognise that style is not always ONE SIZE FITS ALL.


Small Bust

Fitted and tighter tops are best with darts and shaping.

Look for details at the bust that add depth like: ruffles; empire waist; halters; narrow V-necks; breast pockets; gathers; shirring; ruching; flared, short, or 3/4 sleeves for slender arms; bright tops; wide lapels and interesting collars.
Stay away from tops you don't fill out; anything voluminous which creates the appearance of unrestrained bulk, raglan, and kimono sleeves (unless you are at a fancy dress party)


Big upper arms

Bell sleeves are narrow up on the top part of your arm and then get wider until they form a bell shape. Tops that have vertical stripes on the sleeve are very flattering, they create the illusion of length.

Three-quarter sleeves are immensely flattering when they end just past the elbow hiding that problem area.

Tulle and slightly sheer fabrics are another great style to look for to combat this issue.


Wide Hips

Vertical lines create an up and down illusion to help with this problem area.

V-necks and skirts with slits up the sides are also good. Thinner fabrics in dark colours are more slimming and in general tops and bottoms of one colour will create a slimmer silhouette.

Stay well away from skinny tapered legs as they bring the eye to the hips and thighs. Flared jeans create a flattering straight line and can help to balance out wide hips.

Lighter colours on top can be worn, this brings eyes up. Wear dark stockings and avoid patterns.

Remember: contrary to what we might think loose clothing only makes you look bigger and instead of 'more' fabric look for stretch fabric, use it wisely and it will be a very flattering and forgiving relationship.


Thick Ankles

Ankle strap cuts off the length of the foot and takes the eye to the least flattering part of the leg. The low cut of shoes is great because it draws the eye down and away from the ankle.

Leggings should be the shorter version the stop on the mid to upper part of the calf otherwise the leg is cut at the ankle.


Thick Middle

Jackets and shirts that finish at your midsection can make a boxy shape look chunkier. Jackets that are hip length (or longer) are more flattering.

Look for dropped shoulders and stay away from shoulder pads (they died in the 80's).  Slinky knits are slimming and flattering.

Wrap-around style tops are a best friend as they nip in the at waist resulting in an hourglass look that you can control with the tightness that you tie them. Look for a sash or belt also to tie at the middle as it will cinch your waist area. A suit with a nipped waist is ideal for your shape and accentuates your curves in a good way. Shapewear is also a great way to nip in the middle. Remember girdles? Bring them out from the back of your wardrobe - or borrow your Grans!