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Richard Kavanagh- Kids' hair - 6 July

Richard Kavanagh - 3 fun ideas for kids' hair

Under five for under fives. Kids have the attention span of, well, kids, so its important to plan carefully and get everything set up before you start so that the actual do can be done doing in the shortest possible time. So, here are three fun ideas for kids hair.


There's nothing cuter than a little cutey pie with a crop (or mop) of curly curls. Rather than brushing her hair out and making it fluffy, try this quick tip for your very own Shirley Temple lookalike.

Clean hair
A detangling spray
Water spray
A light hold styling mousse
Flexible styling spray (I like Redken Workforce 09)
Kavanagh Blowdrier
Diffuser attachment for hairdryer
A wide tooth comb

Time required: 5 minutes or less


Give dollies hair a light mist with a detangling spray, dampen it lightly with water and give it a gentle comb through with a wide tooth comb.

Distribute a handful of mousse through her hair, gently squeezing it into the hair as you go.

Have her stand up and throw her hair upside down while you diffuse it dry and watch the curls spring into life.

When her hair is dry and curly, give it a light spray with redken Workforce 09 to help refine and define the curls.

Sweet garden fairy

A few pretty flowers, a couple of bobby pins, a few minutes and voila, your little petal will be the belle of the cafe. This is a cute idea for flower girls too. (This do actually looks great on big girls as well)

Shoulder length or longer hair
Bobby pins
Flexible styling spray (I like Redken Workforce 09)

Time required:5 minutes or less


Using your fingers, make a large loose triangle shaped section, at the front of your sweetie-pies head. The triangle should start at the corners of the eyes and go to a point at the highest point of the head.

Hold the section of hair in your hand and gently twist it over into a loose knot roughly in the middle of the triangle. Pin it with a bobby pin. The ends should be sticking out loosely.

Continue around the head in the same fashion pulling all the hair towards the crown and securing the loose knots about halfway between crown and hairline. You may want to spray the hair lightly with Redken Workforce 09 for a little extra hold.

Decorate the hair by pinning fresh flowers into the knots with bobby pins to complete your cute garden fairy look.

Fun with colour for boys

We can't let the girls have all the fun with their party hair! Heres a great way to liven up your boys hair with his favourite (temporary) colour.

Short hair
Powder paint
Gel (I like Redken Clean Lift 07)
Styling paste (I like Redken Rough Paste 12)
A bowl and brush (a hair colouring brush is ideal, but a pastry brush works fine)
A pair of rubber gloves
A hairdryer

Time required:2 to 3 minutes or less


1. Squirt a good dollop of gel into the bowl and mix with some powder paint until you get a nice strong colour.

2. Rub about 5ml of styling paste into your hands and then using a figure of eight motion, rub it into your boys hair to get it spiking up and looking super cool.

3. Paint a little of the coloured gel onto the ends of the hair in strategic places to add splashes of his favourite colour to his hair

4. Gently dry the coloured gel with your hairdryer on low speed and high heat.