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Raymond Capaldi's recipe - Cream of butternut pumpkin soup - 28 November

1kg butternut pumpkin, grated
200g unsalted butter 
500ml vegetable stock or chicken stock
500ml sheep's milk
50g creme fraiche


  1. Add the butter to the a large flat frying pan so the pumpkin can sweat evenly.
  2. Place the veg stock or chicken, sheep's milk in another pan, bring to the boil, then let simmer on side.
  3. Sweat for 10 minutes no more until pumpkin breaks away in between your fingers. Meanwhile place one bowl filled wth ice and  another on top, put to the side.
  4. Puree the sweated pumpkin finely, then place the mixture in the bowl on top of the ice to cool down, then add enough of the stock milk mixture until right consistency.

The pumpkin must not be cooked for more than 15 minutes, as pumpkin starts to get bitter.
If you don't use all the stock and milk, just freeze it until you make again.