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Pupu Lesi

With Alex Kaihea

Pupu Lesi (poo-poo-less-e)

Baked Paw Paw filled with Banana and a Melon and Mango Salsa

2 small paw paws
4 ripe bananas
1 red chilli
1 heilala vanilla pod
2 fresh limes

1 melon
1 mango
1 cream of coconut
1 fresh coconut
2 x coconut shells

Peel pawpaw and de-seed.
Peel bananas and dice.
Slice chilli, de-seed then dice very small.
Scrape out 1vanilla pod to get seeds.
Mix together coconut milk, a pinch of diced chilli, lime juice, vanilla seeds and diced banana.
Place pawpaw into the coconut shell.
Fill the pawpaw with the mixture.
Bake at 200C  for approximately 8-10mins or until soft.

Salsa method
De-seed melon and dice into cubes.
Peel mango and dice into cubes.
Scrape the flesh from the coconut and dice into cubes.
Mix equal amounts of each ingredient in a bowl.
Add the juice of half a lime or enough to your taste.

Remove from oven and serve in coconut shell on a plate with salsa on the side.

(Broadcast 28 August 2012)