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Philippa Jamieson's Organic Diary

With Philippa Jamieson of Organic NZ

According to the biodynamic moon calendar, which we use in Organic NZ magazine, today and tomorrow are ideal for planting all kinds of flowers

Then from Sunday afternoon and early next week, plant out vege seedlings, particularly broccoli and leafy greens like lettuce, rocket and basil for summer salads

Next Tuesday is the best day in November for planting seeds: all leafy green veges, beans, zucchini, cucumber and melons.

If you want to put in some late potatoes, Tuesday is also a good day.  

From Wednesday until the end of next week is a great time for applying compost and liquid manures maybe you could try out some compost tea on your plants as I'm going to show you / have shown you.

Also mid to late week is a good time for hoeing and weeding.

Download Philippa's tips on making: Aphid Spray, Compost Tea and Mildrew Spray