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Petits fours and Chantilly

With Guillaume Nicoli

For approx. 30
Cost:  $10 or less
5-8 serves
Prep Time:  40 min


110 grams Butter
45 grams Icing sugar
20 grams of egg white
1 gram of Vanilla Essence = 1/2 tsp
135 gr Flour
1 gram Salt

Melt half the butter and mix until you get a cream texture, add icing sugar, then add flour and keep mixing, then add egg white with salt and vanilla.

Use a piping bag, display on a baking paper and cook in 170C for 12-15 min.

Chantilly chocolat au lait (whipped cream with milk chocolate)

4-5 serves
Cost: $10 approx
Prep time:  20 min


160 grams milk chocolate which is 40% cocoa
325 grams cream


Whip the cream until it's smooth, melt the chocolate until 55C, put 1/3 of the cream and whisk then 2/3 cream mix with a spatula.

(TX: 11 August 2011)