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Well hello Good Morning faithfuls. It’s Gossip Wench Wednesday again and here I am to deliver some tasty morsels of gossipy goodness.

I’m kicking off this week with one of the stock standard gossip mainstays… an awards ceremony! The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards dawdled their way through Monday afternoon before dying slowly after 3.5 hours of floundering in a pool of tepid laughs. The Emmys suffer from repetitive fame injury as every year the same shows go head to head with often the same winners. As such the host has to be extra funny as do the set pieces. Sadly Jimmy Kimmel’s skits made Schindler’s List look like Seinfeld. The jokes were lamer than Seabiscuit with 3 broken legs and an ingrown hoof.

There were some highlights with Jon Stewart fighting his way past Stephen Colbert, Julia Louis Drefus switching speeches with Amy Poehler and Damian Lewis’ excellent speech and surprise win, but not even Ricky Gervais’ hilarious short stint could save the overall feeling of the show. It was like being bored to death by your boring uncle at a boring family function.

It amazes me how people that are responsible for making marvellous tele could make such a bad tele show. Points however to Sofia Vergara for splitting her dress with her magnificent booty then sharing it with the world via twitter saying “Yes, this happened twenty minutes before we won!” or more like "Jshess, dis haaaapen tweany menuts befour we waaan".

Here’s a great Live Blog from the Guardian for an in-depth analysis.

In a breaking story from under the news desk, Monica Lewinsky has been shopping a tell-all book around literary agents recently. She has apparently come to terms with the fact that all she will ever been known as is someone who kept “that” dress and did that “thing” with Billy Boy Clinton and is determined to make some money out of it. I do feel sorry for the woman, she after all was a young intern and he was the most powerful man in the world yet he is seen as a great studly guy who is the darling of the dinner speaking circuit and she is seen as a ho with a fondness for cigars. I can understand her wanting to make some money out of her decades of shame, I imagine the oral version will go off, BUT the person I feel most sorry for is Hilary as this may affect her tilt at the Whitehouse.

Still, at least she won’t have to sit at “that” desk.

Paris Hilton is not known for her sterling intellect nor social graces. Yet I would never have pegged her for a homophobe. However, in a cab ride with friends recently she was recorded as saying gays were “disgusting” when discussing the app Grindr (which brings guys together who are looking to share a hot chocolate). It is unfair to record a private recording but to say all gay guys will get AIDS is also rather ignorant. Paris has apologised however and promised to try harder. Something I would not have thought possible.

I will hardly waste any pixels on the following story but it is reported that Kanye wants Kim Kardashian to lose 10 kilos and dress more like Kate Middleton. I am presuming this story is hogwash, as to dress like Kate, Kim would have to stop eating for a month and her whole image is based on her curves. If it is true then Kanye is a dick. The end.

And finally in baby news Robbie Williams has spawned. Teddy or Theodora Rose was born last week to Robbie and his wife Ayda Field and Robbie tweeted a rather cute pic of him and his little Angel. I imagine through it all he offers her protection, a lot of love and affection, whether he’s right or wrong. Robbie certainly seems to have cleaned up, settled down and become a domesticated animal. He’s not as sexy as he used to be, but he's waaay happier, so hooray for him.

My shock look is Sofia Vergara’s behind. So pert, her thighs don’t touch, she’s a goddess.