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Paul Rowan's Recipe - The Perfect Roast Dinner - 9 Oct

The Perfect Roast Dinner

Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puds - ingredients for 6-8

2 kg piece of beef preferably topside or scotch boned and rolled
100 ml melted dripping or lard
Salt and pepper


1 cup plain flour
Half teaspoon salt
1 cup beaten egg
1 cup whole milk
Pepper to season


Wipe joint and season all over
Sear in hot pan and then put into roasting tray
Roast for 15 mins per 450g for rare or 20 for medium
Remove from oven and rest keeping warm for 15 mins - this is done so as to let the juices settle into the meat and not squirt out when cut, creating a dry joint
Sieve flour into bowl. Add eggs, milk and seasoning, beat till smooth preferably with a mixer and rest for 15 mins
Pour a little melted dripping into muffin trays and put in oven till smoking. Remove and pour in yorkie batter 2/3 of way up
Return to oven 190degC for 15 mins till risen and golden - do not open oven during cooking as puds will fall!

Perfect Roast Gravy

Whilst meat is resting, pour off most of fat from roasting pan and put pan onto heat
Add 1 tablespoon of flour to pan and still, scraping of all sediment from bottom. Pour in warm stock stirring all the time till thickened. Season and pass through a sieve into a clean jug

Perfect Roast Spuds

3 kg peeled potatoes - Agria or Irlam hardy
Pinch salt or flaky salt
100ml melted lard or dripping


Peel spuds and cut into even shapes. Boil in salted water till just done. Drain and shake around in pan to roughen up edges.
Tip into a roasting tray pre heated with melted dripping and roll around till coated in fat. Season and bake in a hot oven 190-200degC for approx 45 mins till crispy and golden. Drain any excess oil turning once or twice during cooking to ensure even cooking and colour