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Pan-fried Peaches with Honey, Earl Grey and Almond Cream

Pan-fried Peaches with Honey, Earl Grey and Almond Cream 

(Poelee de Peches au Miel, Crème D’amande Earl Grey)

With Guillaume Nicoli

Serve 4

Time 25 min plus baking

Cost $10

Almond Cream with Earl Grey Tea:


100g Butter

100g Caster Sugar

100g Almond Meal (blanched)

2 Eggs

80g Milk

20g Earl Grey Tea


Boil the milk, then add the Earl Grey Tea, and leave to infuse for 7 minutes.

Half melt the butter in a bowl, and then whip with the sugar until the mix gets blanched.

Add the Almond Meal, then the eggs.

Then add the infused milk after sieving the tea.

Put the mix into ramequins.

Bake at 175 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Pan-fried Peaches:


2 Yellow or White Peaches

10g Butter

2 coffee spoons of Honey (a mild honey, not strong honey like manuka).

40g Almond (sliced)


Slice the peaches up (approx. 12 slices for one peach).

Melt the butter in a pan, add the sliced peaches, cooking them for 2 minutes on each side on a low heat.

Then add the honey and cook it for 1 minute.


Roast the sliced almonds in the oven (180 degree for 10 min).

After the almond cream is baked, display the pan-fried peaches in the ramequin on the top of the Earl Grey almond cream, and sprinkle with the roasted sliced almond.

This dessert can be served warm (just cook for 1 minute in the microwave or 5 minutes in the oven).

Serve it with a vanilla, honey or almond ice cream.