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Numerologist Michelle Buchanan: December - 30 November

Numerology - Michelle Buchanan, Woman's Day Numerologist

December Influences For Each Personal Year

Personal Year 1
(4 Personal Month)
In a year of new beginnings December is your final chance to take the bull by the horns and make changes that will improve your life for the better. Stay focused on your goals and work hard to overcome the obstacles that will come your way because you'll feel frustrated at times and want to chuck in the towel & don't !!!  Keep plugging away and you'll reap the rewards. If your planning a Xmas function, take care of the details, cross your t's and dot your i's. 

Personal Year 2 
(5 Personal Month)
Finally the floodgates are opening!  After a challenging year things are starting to look up. December brings a sense of freedom and adventure so make sure you make the most of it and step outside  your comfort zone, try something new and have some fun. Expect the unexpected, be flexible and go with the flow because anything can happen in a 5 month, and it usually does. Take a chance it will definitely pay off.  This is the perfect time to travel or take a vacation.

Personal Year 3
(6 Personal Month)
By combining a 3 year of "communication and speaking your truth" with a 6 month of "relationships and family" be diplomatic and choose your words carefully if confronting loved ones at Xmas. It's the perfect time to have your say but make sure it's said in kindness.  Singles could meet someone special or relationship issues could surface to be ironed out for those in love.  Be a shoulder to cry on for those in need and squeeze as much fun as you can into December before you have to knuckle down next year.

Personal Year 4
(7 Personal Month)
Pat yourself on the back, you made it through a 4 year!  I bet your glad it's nearly over! Things will start to get easier from here but this month is all about you. December is all about Mind, body, spirit and spending quiet time alone.  Escaping the Xmas hustle and bustle and relaxing with a good book.  Get outside, to the beach or in the garden where you can and really make the most of the holiday season for you.

Personal Year 5 
(8 Personal Year)
December is a great month for work and business matters. Anything can happen under this combination of numbers so reach for the stars and dare to dream.  This is a great time to promote yourself or your ideas. Romance is favourable too, you will more attractive than usual to others so don't drink too much at the Xmas party.  Don't go overboard with your Xmas spending or you might be left short.

Personal Year 6
(9 Personal Month)
When a 6 year that focuses on "relationships and domestic responsibilities" is combined with a 9 month of "endings" it's highly likely that any relationship issues that haven't yet been ironed out could raise their ugly head with a vengeance. Be aware and do everything you can to work things out. Communicate your feelings, be forgiving and understanding. Xmas is a time where loved ones and family come together so be gentle and diplomatic when dealing with others.

Personal Year 7 
(1 Personal Month)
After what seems like an incredibly long year you have come at the other end much stronger and wiser than you were before, and it only gets better from here. The floodgates open in December as you step out into a life of new opportunities. The world can be your oyster now and 2011 looks promising, it's your 8 Personal Year, as long as you understand that you will reap what you sow. So be positive and learn about the Law of Attraction so you can make your dreams come true next year.

Personal Year 8  
(2 Personal Month)
December focuses on relationships and affairs of the heart. This is a very karmic time where you could meet a special someone in business or in love.  Your intuition and sensitivity are your strongest assets this month, so listen to your gut instincts.  This is a good month for negotiations re. financial affairs, but be peaceful and diplomatic should you feel the need to stand up for yourself when confronted. 

Personal Year 9
(3 Personal Month)
This year hasn't been easy for you, and now it's nearly over. December is definitely a time to have fun and celebrate, this is the beginning of a new 9 year cycle and the world is at your feet. Now's the time to get ready to make a fresh start so kick off with good conversation and laughter with loved ones and family.  Get out and about, treat yourself and catch up with for a Xmas drinky with long lost friends.